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KT16's Squats and Milk Log

Starting March 9 to April 17, i will be a doing squats and milk program! Its gonna some good shit

height: 5’5
weight: 160
age: 16
squat: 235x5
deadlift: 295x5
db bench: 75x5

I’ll be starting the squats with 215. Hmmm idk what else to include…

wooo the first workout at 5am tomorrow!

good luck dude, theres a few different programs pertaining to the name “squats and milk”

might be a good idea to write the program in here so everyone can see it layed down

Warm up
squat: 215x16
pullovers: 20x20
bench: 125x12x8x5
rows: 95x15x15x9
BTN press: 65x12x10x6
stiff-leg deads: 195x9
shrugs: 195x7
pull overs 20x20

I picked the one from bulkingup.moonfruit.com/#/20repsquats/4513061285

I only got 16reps on the squat but could of gotten 20reps if i took my time and breathed some more.
Almost done with my milk today. I usually have the runs and have terrible farts from milk but i took fiber tablets and put 2cups of oats in my shake this morning and i’m only farting a little.
With the waking up at 5am plus the daylight saving thing, i think i’ll do better when my body gets use to the new schedule.


Warm ups

Squat: 215x20
Pullovers: 20x20
Bench: 125x12x9x4
rows: 95x15x15x10
BTN press: 65x12x12x8
stiff-leg deads: 195x12
shrugs: 195x8
pullovers: 20x20

it helped to think of the squats in 3s. Do 3reps take few breathes do 3 more etc.

warm up

Squat: 220x20
Pullovers: 20x20
Bench: 125x12x8x5
rows: 95x15x15x10
BTN press: 65x12x12x9
stiff-leg deads: 195x15
shrugs: 195x9
pullovers: 20x20

Wooo dominated today’s 20. On one of the reps i even squated up so fast that it came off my shoulders and helped me re-adjust it into a better position. Felt like left shoulder popped out during pullovers bec i did it faster than normal.
Felt bad for this one guy that wanted to use my squat rack bec soon as i finished, someone else came in and started doing curls. Poor fella…

Warm up

Squat: 225x20
Pullovers: 25x20
Bench: 115x13x10x6
rows: 95x15x15x10
BTN press: 65x12x10x6
stiff-leg deads: 205x15
shrugs: 205x10
pullovers: 20x20

-Squats are doing good.
-Idk whats with my bench. It so easy off my chest but it is the hard at middle.
-Rows are about the same and just might switch to dumbbell rows because i can use much more weight on those.
-Grip is getting much stronger and its allowing me to deadlift and shrug better.
-Having trouble doing the BTN press because it feels like my shoulder comes loose at times when i press overhead or do the pullovers.

warm up

Squat: 230x19
Pullovers: 25x20
BTN press: 65x12x12x12
rows: 95x15x15x10
Bench: 120x12x8x5
stiff-leg deads: 215x14
shrugs: 215x9
pullovers: 25x20

-Ahhhh so close. Thinking back on it, i should have took like 10 breathes for the last one.
-I moved my grip wider on the bench and it felt better even tho i lifted less than monday

BTN press: 70x12x12x11

Warm up

Squat: 230x20
Pullovers: 20x20
Bench: 120x12x10x5
rows: 105x12x12x11
stiff-leg deads: 215x11
shrugs: 215x9
pullovers: 20x20

-hate to admit it but I’m going to lower the squats to 190lb and switch to high bar and close stance. I don’t know how many of those reps were done without a lot of forward lean. I haven’t felt any soreness or weakness in my quads since the first workout, so I’ve decided to lower the weight and see if my quads finally respond. Plus its been 12hrs and my lower back still feels fatigued.

-i did the BTN press while waiting for the rack and you can see it went very well.
-i had to wait about 30mins for that rack so i somehow completed my workout in 45mins and it usually is about an 1hr and half. Was late to class still…

Warm up

Squat: 185x20x10x7
Pullovers: 20x20
Bench: 125x12x10x7
db rows: right hand 70x12x12x8
left hand 70x12x10x8
BTN press: 75x12x6x4
stiff-leg deads: 215x15
shrugs: 215x10
pullovers: 20x20

-squatting ATG felt so natural! It was so easy that i did three sets with it. I’ll jump to 195 for wed
-bench is much better with the wider grip

BTN press: 75x12x12x11

Warm up

Squat: 195x20
Pullovers: 20x20
Bench: 125x12x9x7
db rows: right hand 70x12x12x12
left hand 70x12x12x12
stiff-leg deads: 225x13
shrugs: 225x4
pullovers: 20x20

-lower back still gets pumped a lot. Gotta check my form.