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KSW XII with Pudzianowski


The event is to take place on 11th December. Today was the first press conference, some info:

* supposedly Pudzianowski vs Najman is the most expensive fight in the history of European MMA. Most probably bull if you consider UFC was in Europe.
* other fights on KSW XII include a -105 kg (-231 lbs) tournament, middleweight tournament final (Aslambek Saidov [5-0] vs Vitor Nobrega [6-1]) and two additional fights (Maciej Gorski [7-3] vs Jeff Lawson [12-2, TUF 9 participant] and Daniel Dowda [5-2] vs James Zikic [16-5-2])
* KSW tries to contract Pudzian 3 years ago, but they weren't able to convince him to fight at that time
* Pudzian entered with "Sandstorm" in the background (like Wandy ;-p)
* Pudzian confirmed that he took a liking to the sport and plans to fight more than once
* the -105 kg tournament is supposed to feature 4 Polish and 4 foreign fighters (Karol Bedorf was mentioned as a likely participant)
* Pudzianowski says, that the fight with Najman should be very similar to the sack throw event from the Strongman competitions
* current weight: Marcin Najman 104,15 kg (230 lbs), Mariusz Pudzianowski 138,6 kg (305 lbs)

(source: MMA ROCKS!!! Newsy ze ?wiata MMA UFC K-1)



I hope this is in a cage, in a cage Pudzianowski's size and strength will be able to counter Najman's boxing movement. In a ring Marius could be getting tagged early and often.

Either ring or cage im going with Marius end of first round via ground and pound hammer fists


i wonder if there's gonna be a drug test...

even still, Pud could lose 40lbs of muscle and still be scary. like worst nightmare i ever had scary.


Can't wait. I hope we can get it in the states or at least on the internet thingy.


Shame that the weight limit is so low in the UFC cause it would be amazing to see Pudzianowski fight Lesnar.


If this is a cage match and Pudzianowski gets ahold of him, forget it. Once someone with that kind of power grabs you it's over, end of story.


I think a lot of people would love to see that, me included, but let's not kid ourselves here, being super huge and athletic doesn't make you THE BEST AT EVERY SPORT. Let's see how Pudz does before having him fight the UFC champ.


True but I just don't see how any fighter in the ufc could handle that much power and athleticism, plus I'm pretty sure that he has a history in Boxing and Karate.


Uh, with skill?
Do you think these MMA guys are chumps just cause they don't compete in strongman? They work day in and day out on perfecting striking, grappling and other assortment of fighting styles. It's literally their fucking job.
You think these guys aren't athletic because they don't deadlift 1000 pounds?

Sure, he has amazing grip. Sure, he is fucking massive and incredible strong. Sure, he used to box and do karate. When's the last time he fought someone though?
The weight behind his hits will probably be tremendous but his defense is what i think will trump him.
How long is he going to last? His conditioning is great...for strongman. Does he know how to defend against wrestling and grappling? Does he remember how to box and kick anymore?

Lance Armstrong is considered one of the best endurance athletes, ever. He won the Tour de France 7 times.
A few years ago, soon after retiring, he decided to run a marathon. His times were extremely average. The lesson here is that conditioning is sport specific.

Needless to say, it is going to be an extremely interesting fight.
This fight will probably put to end the debate on whether skill trumps strength and vice versa.


That's the best quote ever from a fighter explaining how skills from their previous sport will carry over positively to MMA.




I gave you 7. You have mass, but this is bodybuilder muscle, so not functional. Also no wheels shot. I may have to roll back to 6...

Joking aside, I think Marius will be competitive against the lower league guys, but even with his side activity with karate and boxing, he's pretty far from the skill level of the top heavyweights.

In some situations (clinching against the cage maybe), he will have the upper hand against anyone, but I would think, that if he were to fight 10 times against each of the top 10 guys, he'll lose more than he'll win, against every one of them.


Jesus, that above picture is funny as hell. The dude he's fighting is smaller and has a bit of body fat. Pudz is pure intimidation, but as Fedor demonstrates, physiques don't win in MMA, skill does. Well, most of the time anyway.

BJJ might be the best way to stop a dude like Pudz but how are you supposed to arm bar a guy whose arm is as strong as your entire body? How do you triangle a dude when you can't put your legs around his back and traps?

In this case I think Pudz wins by staredown.


Rear choke? Nipple twist? Leg locks?


Can anyone shed some light on the rules?... Sometimes when I watch these fights, I wonder about the punching. Usually, when someone gets punched in the head they should go down, but I see them get hit countless times without falling down. This makes a strong case for Pudz, and I disagree that he has only bodybuilding muscle, it's functional, I've seen him lift, not just in competitions, his endurance is amazing as well. Come to think of it, that's like saying guys with big legs aren't fast.


He's fighting a journeyman boxer, not Nogueira, lol


WTF is 'bodybuilder muscle'?

Anyway, I think there is some evidence to my eyes from Japanese freak shows that if you're a huge monster (WSM sized) with a good chin it is often very hard to get knocked out cold, and often things will start breaking way before you go unconscious (See: Bob Sapp vs Cro Cop TKO)


It was a joke poking fun at the people who say bodybuilders aren't strong or athletic and their muscle is "non functional hypertrophy", because Pudzianowski looks like a bodybuilder with his shape and all that muscle and lean bodyfat, when in fact he is a strength athlete. Giddit?


Sorry, I didn't quote the original post.


I think he means bodybuilding muscle is more superficial than functional. Dang, I would hate to get hit with one of those arms, probably take your head right off, that's why I want to know the punching rules.