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Ksoak Training Log

Attempting to add back size and strength after taking time off for basketball… Have decent knowledge of programming and created a 12 week power building routine I’ll be following to get back to where I was before prioritizing either powerlifting or bodybuilding

Pre bball stats
195 lbs
275lb bench
345lb squat
475lb deadlift

Current stats
240lb bench (estimate)
320lb squat (estimate)
435 deadlift (estimate)

Will be following!!!

Thanks! I’ve been lifting for a couple years now and am excited to interact w other lifters
Yesterdays workout was a push day w a hypertrophy focus!

Overhead Press 3x8 @ 105lbs
Incline DB Bench 3x8 @ 70lbs
Seated Machine Fly 3x10 @ 60lbs
Cable Lateral Raise 3x10 @ 25lbs
Reverse Grip Pushdown 3x8 @ 120lbs
Tricep Kickback 3x10 @ 45lbs (this is using a rope on a cable machine I’m not using 45 lb dbs)

Yesterdays macros were:
4063 cals
622 carb
94 fat
220 protein

First heavy leg day since basketball season (Also the first time squatting)

squat 4x6 @ 275 lbs (Form was ROUGH… dropping weight next session to really dial in form)
straight leg deads 4x6 w/ 125lb dbs
lunge 3x8 each leg w/ 40 lb dbs
leg press on the baby sled 3x10 w/ 300lbs added (VERY slow negatives)
calf raises on the precor machine w/ 80 lbs

Feeling it this morning in terms of soreness but I’m more scared of what tomorrow will bring
Weight this morning was 182.4… Down a little from yesterdays 184.2… Probably a lot of water lost from the leg session

3949 cals
562 carb
105 fat
526 protein

|Bench Press|Work to 4RM|215|
|Hammer Strength Incline|3x10|75|
|Cable Fly|3x12|50|
|Reverse Pec Deck|3x20|120|
|Lateral Raises|3x12|25|
|Skull Crushers|3x8|65|
|Rope Pushdown|3x10|30*|

|Pullups|3x9|1 band|
|Under Hand Barbell Row|3x10|145|
|Seated Cable Row|3x10|170|
|Face Pulls|3x15|115|
|Rope Curls|3x10|90|
|Incline DB Curls|3x10|20|

Back Squat Heels Elevated 3x10 225
Bulgarian Split Squat 3x10 10
Leg Curls 3x15 130*
Leg Extensions 3x15 145
Calf Machine 3x15

Weekly average for weight was 183.3