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Anyone seen him on lately?

Happy holidays to you my man, and a virtual toast to you for all the help you provide to nameless, faceless men all year round.

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KSman is Here
KSman is Here
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KSman is Here
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21, Low Testosterone

Cheers for sure! KSman has helped improve my life tenfold!


A gentleman and a scholar, indeed.


Same here. I will always be grateful for your help KSMAN


I am back now, was on the road visiting family. Thanks guys and a great New Year to you.


Yes a sincere thanks!


Agreed with all above, your knowledge and willingness to help others is incredible.


I am 14 lbs overweight. 52. don’t drink or smoke. 2 cups coffee daily and working on getting to zero (cortisol). Take 1/5th liquid Adex daily.
No morning wood or libido.

Am going to go see an Endocrinologist to have tests run and need to know which ones to have run.


There is no PM here anymore. If I give you my email address will you be willing to give me list of tests to have run and feedback once they have been?