KSMAN: Questions with Recovery

This message is for @ksman. I can’t send private messages, sorry. I’ve read lots of your posts and respect your opinion.

Background: I am recovering from persistent finasteride side effects for the last 4 years. I’ve had bloods done, etc. Not here to complain, have a few objective questions. I am attempting to reactive 5 alpha reductase type II enzyme activity. I’ve learned to manage my hormones quite well over the past few years but still trying to regain erectile function and full energy levels. I’ve had my T back up over 800 while keeping estrogen around 20 mostly using micro dose letrozole (chop the pill up and take 1/1000 of a 2.5 mg pill per day) and using 1-1.5 mg dostinex per week in addition to vitamin C, D, E, magnesium. Questions:

If progesterone inhibits 5ar activity, why does progesterone cream make me feel better?

How else can I protect my adrenals besides progesterone cream?

How do DHEA and pregnenolone compare to progesterone cream?

What can I use for energy besides caffeine (which wears out adrenals I think)

How can I keep LH steady while increasing 5ar? I have been using Alpha Hard by forerunner labs because it increases DHT and increased DHT increases 5ar. I’ve responded very well to this.

What else can I do to stabilize my mood?

How does progesterone cream affect endogenous progesterone levels?

Is it possible that progesterone cream actually increases 5ar activity by increasing communication between progesterone and pregnenolone?

What other ways can I increase allopregnanolone?

Is it possible for estrogen rebound to occur from Letrozole to occur while taking alpha hard? I usually cycle off letrozole while on alpha hard.

How to recover from Prozac usage long time ago. This was my first mistake. I think cabergoline helps with this but I think it may have an underlying effect. It was 7 years ago I took prozac for 6 months or so.

What is the difference between androhard (alphahard), proviron, winstrol and anadrol

What is Wellbutrin and how does it heal SSRI side effects?

How would I know my Thyroid levels effected?

Might trazodone help

Am I overdoing cabergoline? Could this have a negative effect on mood.


Have you looked up all of these meds etc on wikipedia and studied Steroid hormone - Wikipedia

Please get Wilson’s book "adrenal fatigue.

Progesterone can be HPTAHPOA repressive in both sexes if there is too much. But you need some for progesterone–>cortisol

You need enough DHEA for DHEA–>T in the testes.

You need pregnenolone and that requires mitochondrial health. Search CoQ10 in stickies and wikipedia.

Can’t do more without labs and info as per advice for new guys sticky.