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(@KSman please) PCT In-Progress: LH and T Increasing, High PRL Despite Low E2


Previous cycle: 15 weeks on T enanthate (500 mg/wk), 15 000 UI of hCG, some AI. No problems at all.
Previous PCT: 10 000 UI of hCG, 50-25 mg of Clomid, some AI. No problems except mental disturbances with clomiphene.
OFF after previous PCT (3 months): no medications, everything in check (T, E2, PRL, LH, FSH, SHBG, etc.).

My PRL before cycling and during the last cycle was oscillating between 180-220 (of the range 57-360), as when being OFF. Great libido and psychophysical feelings.

Recently finished cycle: 10 weeks on T prop (600 mg/wk), 1000 mg of Dianabol, 10 000 UI of hCG, a lot of AI. Had problems with high E2 (2x over the range) and PRL (in the end of the range or over the range mildly). Some ED problems, low libido, low energy and other high E2 symptoms, I had managed this and the cycle went good in general.

Recent PCT: first 2 weeks 10 000 UI of hCG, Nolvadex 40/40/20/20, then tapering OFF with KSMan suggestions. Low doses of Arimidex. Supplementation: vitamin B6 500 mg, vitamin D3 4000 UI, DAA 5 g daily for the first month, vitamin E 400 mg. Perfect diet and workouts, no stress, good sleeping.

Bloodwork results after the first week of the PCT (4 days after hCG administration, so T result):
LH 1,5 (1,7 - 8,6)
PRL 331 (57 - 360)
E2 18 (40 - 161)
T 7 (10 - 28)

Bloodwork results after the second week of the PCT (4 days after hCG administration, so T result):
LH 1,8 (1,7 - 8,6)
PRL 414 (57 - 360)
E2 18 (40 - 161)
T 15 (10 - 28)

Conclusions. I feel really good on this PCT. No mental or physical distrubances. Libido is fine, could be better, no ED. Feeling great on workouts, I’m not tired. Good sleeping. Everything seems to be good despite that E2 and T are very low, and PRL is elevated! I have no joint or muscle pain, no bloating with this result of E2. Seriously, I feel almost like on cycle.

Is circulating tamoxiphene distorting the result of E2, or what? Why is PRL elevated despite administering Nolvadex (and E2 are probably very low), supplementation rich in B6, E, magnesium, zinc? I’m administering low doses of Arimidex (1 mg/wk).

Prolactinoma? I have no headeaches, elevation is mild.

What should I do now? I thought that PRL would go down when on Nolva and with low E2, it’s not. High PRL is ruining my PCT, that’s probably why LH is rising so slow (after 2 weeks of my first PCT my LH result was about 9 with PRL around 200, while now 1,8 vs 400).


Any suggestions?

I think your saying prolactin, if so I would get some caber. It really shouldn’t have elevated with normal low e2, did you get a e2 sensitive assay.m

DAA can really raise prolactin in certain people, google it, I’ll try and find and link the study

Thanks for your replies guys.

After 5 weeks of the PCT with 20 mg of Nolvadex daily (2 weeks after 1 mg of Cabaser administration when my PRL was way too high):

LH 3,1 (1,7 - 8,6)
FSH 6,2 (1,7 - 12,0)
PRL 109 (57 - 360)
E2 56 (40 - 161)
T 11 (10 - 28)

LH, FSH, PRL are fine now, what the hell is wrong about my T?

Feelings: normal libido (intercourse once/twice per day, no ED), normal levels of energy and motivation, strenght is stable or going up on certain lifts, the same about muscle mass. For more than 1 month my E2 level was critically low, T as well, that’s why SHBG level should be low too. I don’t know my actual fT level, unfortunately.

I’m not sure what I should do now. Thinking about continuing the process with PRL in check (some amount of this hormone is needed for T synthesis, it was below the range last week). Then, if nothing good happens - Clomid 25 mg ED for 1 week and blood check (I’m skeptical about Nolva I got).

@KSman please :slight_smile: