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KSman: Please Check My Math


My TRT regimen is 125 mg test-e in one single dose weekly. I’ve been taking 0.5 mg adex E3.5D for a month and saw a decrease from high 70s to 28.6.

I feel fine; I have no more bloating or arm acne. But, should I still shoot for 22?

If so, is it this math:
28 / 0.5 = 57.2
So, a 57.2% dose of 0.5 mg, or a new dose of 0.286 mg, would likely put me at 22?

Two part question, as the pharmacy can split pills, would 0.25 mg or 0.33 mg be best? Or trial and error?

If not, what thread would show me the best method for concocting a liquid solution? Would this “expire” or become less effective if stored in a hotter climate?

New dose = 0.5mg E3.5D x 28.6/22
Dose will be very close to benchmark of 1mg per 100mg T

I did feel better years ago getting down from E2=28pg/ml, you can see how it works for you. In my case, it enabled fat loss on my belly that was lingering after I did loose fat with TRT.

To get the dose refinement that you need a solution of adex 1mg/ml in vodka can be dispensed by volume in a graduated dropper bottle or by the drop.

Your E2 labs may be suspect as FT levels are not steady. Better injecting T twice a week and taking adex at time of injections.

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