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KSMan - Opinions on Dr. Crisler?

Don’t mean to put you on the spot or anything, but before I go dropping several hundred / thousand dollars I am curious your take on his level of knowledge.

I’ve read your posts about frustration with doctors and you have articulated literally everything I believe, verbatim. So I know we would come to the same conclusion on this issue as well, but you probably have way more knowledge of his expertise than I do.


Some guys are quite happy with Dr. Crisler.

I have disagreed with a few of the things that he has stated in the past. But his knowledge and practices will be progressing over time and my bias may be inappropriate now. He is certainly way a head of typical doctors. He does write and publish a lot, so creates situations where someone can find something to criticize. Much different from other docs who are opaque. I found that his, in deep past, reliance on compounded products, a specific source of compounding and transdermals inappropriate.

You could write down what you expect to see as treatment options and goals and ask him if he is OK with that. He knows who I am and what my typical approach is, so would be conversant.

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Thank you