KSman! No More 10mls?

Yeah, it’s been awhile but I was hoping for some feedback from you guys, mainly KS.

Recently, a friend of mine who is in another state CT, went to refill his script. He was told that they were not making or distributing the 10ml bottles any more. News to me but they gave him a 1ml bottle. I guess there’s a shake up from the insurance companies.

Any accurate info would be helpful. Thanks

My insurance only allows once per month refills which requires 1ml bottles obviously.

I just got a 10ml yesterday at a Walgreen’s in Kansas.

My insurance only covers the 1ml bottles as well but with my co-pay it’s cheaper to just purchase 10ml bottles.
Generic 55.00 or depo testosterone for 65.00 200mg/ml.

Interesting. My insurance only covers 1 month at a time but the doc understands this so he writes the script for a high dosage so then I can get the 10ml for just one $30.00 co-pay.

I just read that it was because insurance only covers a 1 month supply. If a standard 1ml bottle contains 200mg, then why not give a 4ml bottle instead (200mg/week is standard protocol)?

Hopefully this will get sorted out. It seems to me like the gov’t and insurance companies really don’t like TRT.

Most insurance policies want 90 refills to keep costs down for chronic use drugs. Myself, I an out-of-pocket high deductible plan guy with an HSA, but since retired and its now all out-of-pocket.