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KSman is Here


@KSman when you have a little time could you look over my last few posts in my case. Would like your thoughts on what I should do next. Thanx.

Continuing the discussion from 28 Y/O, No Libido and High Ferritin:


@KSman Would you be so kind as to look at my log and give your opinion on the QuestDiag tests I want to order? I just need to know if they are comprehensive enough… Thanks. NH_Watts' TRT Log



Could you please take a look at my thread, everything is high, T, FT, ETC. My main concern is E2 is it very high at 110, I need to lower it!!???
Can I take 2 to 3 pills og arimidix at the same time???


@KSman if you could be so kind to provide some feedback on my latest thyroid bloodwork results, it would be greatly appreciated. Quite confused as to where I go from here!


Bat signal @KSman. Please look at my thread when available.


@KSman Could you take a look at my latest labs when you have a moment please?