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Could you please take a look at a thread I started and give me some feedback on my initial labs? Thanks so much. 37 y/o Low T. Initial Blood Test, Looking for Advice/Feedback

Hey ksman

One of the guys recommend u for me as im faceing lots of trouble, and i need ur help, so i have a problem with my sex drive after using tren E, tren A, masteron E, testosterone E, it have been 6 months since my last shoot, i used 20000iu of hcg along with clomid and Nolvadex and i have problems getting an erection(tren Dick), i thought that it will be gone by now but it didn’t go away yet, take note that I was using tren E, tren A, masteron E, testosterone E at dose of 1 g per week for 6 months, and now i don’t know what to do… So hellllp!!! I don’t know what to do or what blood work to do and what to look for so plz help
Your help is much appreciated

Hi @KSman, I finally got more thorough labs done after waiting almost 6 months and am hoping to get your feedback on them when you have the time. You have been a big help so far, so it would be greatly appreciated.

KSman could you please review the following post and provide a recommendation?
Thank you for your help

Is @KSman still around? I would really appreciate his advice on my blood work for thyoid. I recently made a post… Here is the link…

Kind Regards

@KSman looks like you’ve your hands full, but if/when you get around to replies, please loop me in:

KSman, I posted my detailed labs and a few specific questions based okn the unexpected results. If you could find the time to take a look I would greatly appreciate it. I have a follow-up Thursday I would like to be as informed as possible for.

If you accept that steadier levels are better, doing everything EOD works well and things are simpler in a way. I do this because of hCG EOD. I also inject hCG+hGH.

Hi @KSman, when you have a second could you please comment on this update? 31 Y/O Ngiapmac's Journey to Solving Low T

Thank you sir!

Hey Ksman,

Could you please comment on my thread, I have a few questions. I have posted my body temperatures like you asked.

Forgive me for the ignorant question, but when someone starts TRT and their testosterone levels rise, that also causes their estrogen levels to rise right?

So if they come off of TRT and their testosterone levels return to the pre-TRT levels, will their estrogen also drop and return to their pre TRT levels, or will their estrogen stay at an elevated level?

Or if they were taking TRT with an AI and crashed their estrogen levels, then stopped taking TRT, would estrogen stay at the crashed levels? Or would it come back to pre-TRT levels on its own?

How far your E2 rises depends on your conversion rate, that’s why some use AI’s. If you stop TRT everything will return to pre-TRT levels in time.

@KSman new results and GnRH test

( check both posts )

Hey KSman,

I have left a question on my thread and would really appreciate it, if you would take a look when you get a chance please.



Hey @KSman, I am finally due to see my endo tomorrow to follow-up on my bloodwork that I had done in early December, and was hoping to get some input from you before I do so. Would you mind checking out the latest post in my thread when you get a chance? 31 Y/O Ngiapmac's Journey to Solving Low T

Thanks in advance sir.

@KSman I think you really need to be cautious with your recommendation of IR to those suffering from thyroid issues. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and have reason to believe that this was caused, or the onset was expedited, by the use of a high dose iodine supplement. My TSH before ever doing IR was 2.0, and that jumped to 3.86 after doing my first IR. Information in this article also confirms that high dose iodine can worsen your autoimmune thyroid condition http://thyroidpharmacist.com/articles/iodine-hashimotos/


KSMAN, I had a couple questions on my thread about my TRT regulation and your thoughts on sermorelin vs HGH. If you get a chance could you make a brief comment on it.
Thank you sir!

Hi @KSman, would really appreciate your input on my blood results. Thanks.

New to the layout style of this forum and wanted to run something by you if you had the chance.
Have read many of your inputs on HTPA restarts dating back to, hell, 2011 - and not to inflate your ego too much but seem to have a good hold on these sort of things.

Synopsis - 23, ex-propecia user.

Blood test shows test at 340, was upper 800’s prior to use.
Length of use was 1 year.
I’m not a hypochondriac, just want to get my test back to normal range.
Been off ~5/6 months, have had pulsating recoveries every week or so where sexual performance increases, but then back to less energy.
Still run, still lift, slight weight gain, nothing crazy. Still grow a beard, but strength of erections and desire are not there.
I feel I could be a good candidate for a restart. With the info I have given you, could you recommend a protocol for me to follow?

If you don’t get a specific response, he has written a sticky with a full HPTA restart protocol in it. Might be a good place to start.