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Hi KSman,
Bro m going through a very tricky situation, if u cn help me. I ws about to start trt but before that startd using hcg fr sumtym to restore my fertility as i wanted to get my sperm frozen before getting onto trt. Hcg worked very well for me, libido was awesome, erections were great evn though i was taking a bit higher dose at 1000 iu eod, thinking i m taking it temporarely, and will never need it back once on trt (i red bout leydig cells decensatization but the lower dose was just not working). But the problem is once i started taking testosterone 50 mg twice a week first thn increased the dose to 100 mg twice per week, it just didnt work, lost all my libido (it literally fell to zero), no erection. So hcg alone is working gud but testosterone is not. Cant understand why. If u can help.



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Your E2 [estradiol] may be high.



I got my lab results and would really appreciate a bit of insight prior to meeting my doc this weekend. Thanks in advance.


Hi Ksman, I have updated my thread with new lab results and a doctor visit. If you could let me know your thoughts, I'd appreciate it!


Ksman, meet with my doc today and some adjustments to my dosing were made. Any input is appreciated.


KSman, have you read anything about Wilson's T3 protocol? I ran it twice this year and found it to be very beneficial for my thyroid problems. Might be worth looking into if you've got some free time. http://www.wilsonssyndrome.com/restore/medical-treatment-of-wilsons-temperature-syndrome/


I know that protocol and have done it myself.

I was not responding to desiccated thyroid, could not get temperatures up. T3 [time release] did it. Still on it.


I wasn't a great responder to desiccated thyroid either.

Did you have to do the protocol multiple times to get temps up?

I just finished up my second run and got temps up to about 98 during the day (with no T3 in my system). 97.2 upon waking. Still don't feel "normal", but feeling better each time I run it. I was below 97 before my first run for daytime temps

What's your current T3 regimen look like? And what else are you doing for thyroid? Is yours under control now?


This needs to be in your own thread, not in this sticky.


Hey KSman long time no post for me.

I definitely am in need of your vast expertise again!!! Things have gotten really bad really fast.....


Hi KSman. I posted some updated blood work I'd like your opinion on when you get a chance. Please and thanks!


Hi KSman, could you take a look at my thread here


KSman thanks for your advice in this forum as you've unknowingly been a HUGE resource in my personal journey so far with this. Below is my thread and would sincerely appreciate any input. Thank you!


@KSman can you please look at my thread? I've posted two questions with an update on my situation, and I need some advice.


Hello sir. Would you mind checking out my thread.


I updated my thread with info and question



I received results for my second set of bloodwork at the 12 week mark and have a question about anastrozole dosing with the increase in Test Cyp. Thanks in advance KSman.

33, Low T, Trying to Find Cause and Best Treatment Option


Hey Ksman,

You've had bit of a break from here. So i thought i'd post here, i have posted my latest results in my thread, though my 6 week follow up is day after. I will post the 6 week blood work also later on.

6 weeks on and no improvements other than a couple of days of finding almost 80% of the women on the street hot which was a bit of a change to the normal instinct. Is it normal to take more time to respond to treatment?


Hi KSman,

I wrote a comprehensive first-timer post (full labs and oral temp included) and would appreciate your insight into my case:


Bumping for @KSman again! Please review my thread I've been trying to get a response from you for a long time. Hope you have some insight!