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Okay i requested the results and got them today, although looking at these it seems hard to translate and i dont think they have given me everything you asked for but ill go ahead and copy what i have

Serum testosterone: 17.1 nmol/L
Serum Prolactin: 10mu/L
CBC: White cell count: 5.6 10*9/L
Haemoglobin estimation: 152 g/L
Serum ALT level: 16 u/L
Alp?: 61 u/L
Serum TSH: 3.38 miu/L
9am Cortisol: 523 nmol/L
SHBG: 38nmol/L
T4: 16.5 pmol/L
Free androgen index: 45.0 “low”

As i noted earlier i couldnt fill everything you mention and added a few other
stuff, im not sure what androgen index is but its noted as low and i also know
that my prolactin levels are low but this was because i took cabergolin last month
hoping it would give me my libido and morning woods… but clearly but prolactin
levels were normal and i made them low, i was limp before the cabergolin just to
clear it up.

EDIT: I just researched and found that the free androgen index is the free testosterone level.

Hi KSMan,

Can you please please answer my question on masturbation here: https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/the_decision_to_go_on_trt_for_adrenal_fatigue_?pageNo=0#6334871?

Sorry for being so blunt but I wasn’t able to recover my testes on tamoxifen and then I switched back to HCG + T and 6 days straight of HCG (masturbated once) and I still have a pretty bad scrotum situation as in no improvement and this is on a fresh vial of HCG.

You say in the sticky that HCG is supposed to keep the size/firmness of the testes and my experience is a large flap of skin underneath tiny testes. This is a huge stressor in my life and it’d be really nice to have some clarity. I keep wondering whether I screwed up when I reconstituted my HCG and since I injected immediately after if that gave me an extreme HCG dose which put my LH receptors to sleep or if I really just have primary and my body was functioning on higher LH levels…?

Hi KSMan,

Thank you for taking the time to post and share your insights with everyone. I’ve been having brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety lately and have recently gotten blood work done.

When you get the chance, could you check out my thread?:

Looking forward to hearing for you. Thanks again.

Hi KSman, when you have an opportunity, would you mind looking here:

To provide direction / advice on adjusting my TRT course?



Hi All, does anyone have any news on KSman? Is everything okay? He seems very quiet lately. Let us know if there is anything we can help with?

Otherwise, another request to look at my edited post re: changing TRT only 2 weeks in:


On the road for a while. So will not be posting much.


I know you said you’re on the road, but if you get a chance, can you take a look at my thread please? I updated it with new blood test results. Thanks!

perhaps you could give a cursory review. Some quick notes: Low test according to labs, “high” (subclinical) TSH, about 3 weeks into IR. First few days (on “off” days from exercise) saw good increases in body temp. Days after workouts go back to low body temps (96.low 97).

ultimately just trying to lose weight (fat) and sort of opened a can of worms when I found I had low T. Not opposed to going on TRT at 35, but am trying to determine the root cause of low test prior to jumping into it.


Could you look at my thread again.


Thanks in advance, Jim_D

Hi KSman, finally got new bloods to adjust my dosages. Could you please look here:

And see if my suggested course of action is the best one and one that you would suggest?

Hint, my previous suspicions were correct re Test metabolisation and AI response.



[quote]Klippe wrote:
Hi KSman, finally got new bloods to adjust my dosages. Could you please look here:

And see if my suggested course of action is the best one and one that you would suggest?

Hint, my previous suspicions were correct re Test metabolisation and AI response.



Hi KSman, I answered your question. I also designed a new dosing protocol around your suggestions. Would u take a look please? Thanks

KSman, could you look at my update. https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/fng_new_to_trt?id=5697758&pageNo=1

Thanks in advance.


My new lab results are in for my case -

Thank You.

Hi KSman, would you have a look at my question here:

Thanks my friend

Hey KSman, blood results here:

Had some questions for you here KSman Struggling with Levels for Years

Hey KSman, Would like your opinion and knowledge on some hormones and some other stuff. Just trying to learn from the master: Journey Towards a Better Me


The AM & PM recorded body temperatures I took over a week are now posted.

Thank You.

Guidance on Low T, Obesity, Etc)

Hi KSman, new labs are in…some deep thinking required, but maybe not???

Hi KSman
Im new here.Im after left orchiectomy, on TRT 3 years now.
I am on 100mg Testosterone Enanthate/week(two shots), 1mg
anastrozole/week, 250IU HCG E3D.
Possibly, my bodys aromatase
activity decreased due to orchiectomy and I think it would be reasonable
to lower the anastrozole dosage. What do you think about it?

Sorry for my english.
Thanks for your answer!