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KSman, question for you please.

Thank you for your time!

KSman, I have updates and questions for you.

Thanks a bunch.

Heya KSman, new to the board and hrt. Having some problems finding a competent doctor that will look more into things other than just my test levels and thyroid. Any help for finding one around the kc area. I tried pming but it said I’m not allowed to. Thanks man

KSman: Thank you my friend.

Hi Ksman,

Got back with some more labs. If you have time to have a look:



I am New to the forum. I like the fact that you guys have taken a proactive approach! I recently started TRT and have noticed good results thus far. It took forever to find a doc that understood my needs in the Jacksonville Florida area. Thankfully I found him! No weird explanation needed… Seems like there are tons of docs in CA that know what’s up. Are most of you using HCG dosing every other day along with TRT?

The half life of hCG makes EOD dosing possible. Many have trouble getting hCG. That can be because of doctor ignorance or insurance driven restrictions.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. Open your own thread and post your labs and details.

Hey KSman, you had given me a reply to my thread last week which I responded to. Been a few days now and I don’t think you’ve had a chance to see it since it’s buried in other threads now. I was hoping to hear back from your thoughts; http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/low_t_hypothyroidism_at_20

Your insight is appreciated man, thanks.

KSman. Got new bloodwork. Please look.

took a while for mods to approve. but here it is. results this time include all thyroid including rt3, full hormone panel:

Thank for your feedback

Hi KSMan,

I have a follow-up question for you in my thread regarding IR and my blood work.


KSman don’t want to be a PITA but if you could give this new lab work a look and give me your input I would really appreciate it. Iodine got my body temp regulated and I feel better but even on a strict clean diet with very little grain intake I am not able to shed the belly fat, the chest fat and the love handles. My E2 is down to 22 and I guess it is from the product given to me by my nutritionist. Test and free T still seem low???

Updated post with latest lab. As always, appreciate your time sir!

Updated with 4 sample cortisol test:


I have updated labs and a question about FT.




Hi KSman,

I would appreciate your view on my new labs and the hCG treatment Doc suggested.

I really appreciate your constant help and generosity.

Please link to the post

KSman could you please look in my thread, I added and answer some of the questions. I Appreciate it thx

KSman, quick hCG question… Dr. mentioned 125iU sublingual hCG as a addition to my TRT is this as effective as injections? of do we need to have more conversation with explanation for the Dr. to understand the benefits of sc injections?

I have lots of new info but still the same erection problems can you please help me again.

Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Reupdated mine again. Cheers mate :slight_smile: