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Could you please take a look at this post for me. I sure could use your help.

Can you please look at my bloodwork and advise? Like many here I dont have that much faith in my doctor and would appreciate your advice on what I should do. I have no drive , withdrawn, libido is better than when I started but does go up and down alot, along with my mood and depression.Feel free to ask anymore info.I am not used to asking for help but its time I get this fixed.Thanks for your time.

KSman, if you can find a few free moments could you take a look at…

Per the sticky suggestion I’ve moved to a half dose of test twice a week (and therefor move the HCG to the days just before the injections); although your opinion on any aspect would be appreciated I wanted to know what day would be best to get some lab work done. My GP (Tricare is good to me) placed some tests for me for Test (free/total), E2, binding glob, DHEA, and couple others so that I could see how the process is progressing.

I’m doing TRT outside Tricare since I was just above the limit. I wanted to see how well/if the Danazol is working and see if free and total levels were moving north. I plan on getting labs done in my fourth or fifth week of treatment but if you think I should wait longer just let me know.


KSman. Would you please review my recent labs? Thank you so much!

Hey KSman, I have posted a thread on here and I was wondering if you would take a look at it?


If you find the time please check my last post on my thread and advise me what tests to do. I have gone to loads of doctors, done loads of tests, spent a lot of cash but still no improvement.


Thank you very much

Could you please take a look at my case? I think I’m on the right track but wild hormonal swings sometimes take their toll on our reasoning ability. Thanks!

KSman would love to have your input on my case here. The info you’ve given here has been invaluable to me so far.

KSman, I would really appreciate your thoughts/input on my case when you get a minute. Thank you for your contributions to this site!

Hey KSMan, you’ve provided a pretty badass intro for anyone interested in TRT, I could really use your advice prior to starting. Please pop in and let me know your thoughts of your case when you get a chance:

could you please take a look at my severly low DHEA and cortisol tests please? appreciate your time. (Also the title does not represent my current question, just kept the thread going)

Hey KSMan, Could you please take a look at my case?
got some concerns from lab results after I was shifting to subQ trt - e2 went sky high.

thank you for all the info and advices you give on this amazing forum.

Hi KSman,I posted my story here

Now my training partner has had his levels tested,they are worse! Mine are starting to come under control.

These are his details.

REALLY appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you may have,this is out of my depth!

Thank you.


Please give me your thoughts on this thread

Especially your take on progesterone in males

Hey KSMan, I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my case.

Hey KSman, I really appreciate all the help you have been giving to everyone via stickies and posts etc, I was hoping you could possibly take a quick look at my thread and if possible offer some guidance. Thanks

Ksman seems to be MIA.

Still alive and kicking. I have been busy with other things. There seems to be too much new-guy traffic for me to deal with things in a comprehensive manner. And it is very tiresome when most of the time I end up asking guys to read the stickies. There really is not much more than I can contribute what beyond what we have collectively put in the stickies.

So you guys have to do the heavy group self-help lifting on your own. Stick to the basics and point new guys to the stickies. There really is required reading. Because guys need to know more than their doctors and need to manage this aspect of their health care, we cannot expect to achieve that goal with incremental spoon feeding in guys’ case files [threads].

You need a collective approach to deal with the needs that new guys have and that requires a group behavior that goes beyond posts that focus on isolated minute factors. New guys need to get the big message. You cannot do that with post, you need to get guys to do the required reading. I can’t think of a better approach.

I have passed the torch.

Insist that guys stick to one thread.
Point guys to the stickies.
Insist on labs results getting posted, with lab ranges.
Go after details to establish primary vs secondary with LH/FSH results.
If secondary, look for causes as per the advice for new guys sticky, including head injuries. Young guys may need a MRI, older guys typically simply have an age related condition.
Because thyroid issues are oddly very common in the population of guys who land here, focus on body temperatures, iodine intake [or lack thereof], TSH should be near 1.0, fT3 and fT4 should be near mid range. Skip T3, T4 labs.
T+AI+hCG [AI is aromatase inhibitor]

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Hey wold appreciate if you could take a look and comment on my case! Thanks in advance!!

Hi KSman,

I posted new info about my case (hyperaromatisation)…I have been missed in action for almost a year…the information I have collected may shed light on this conundrum

Thanks in advanced KSman