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KSman is Here

KS MSN! Nice to see you back. You helped me when I first started and I have (and my doctor!) have learned a bunch from you.
I posted my latest blood work this morning. I have some questions & don’t want to seem needy, but the lack of responses have me wondering if I posted something stupid. Would you mind letting me know what you think?

would love your input KSMan

Thanks bud

KSMan - can I ask you to take a quick look at my situation:

Quick notes:

  • currently T/Free T are low, but I seem to be at the borderline to treat or not; usual lack of t symptoms, interesting enough borderline hyperthryroid
  • current doctor put me on a 1% compounded test cream, we redo tests quarterly
  • currently trying to assess the right protocal with some at my levels. Not sure I want to shut down my function, so debating a HCG/cream protocal (A to control E2 also a possibility). The other option I am weighing is to end TRT all together, specifically if getting me to optimal ranage only has marginal benefits

Thanks in advance…really appreciate any perspective.


Could you take a look at my thread again please?



Please check mine out at your leisure. I think the information is limited but I still wonder if you would pick-up on something in the labs. Thank you Sir for all of the priceless information.

Warm Regards,

Hi KSMan,

Did the labs you requested, I’d appreciate your thoughts on how to handle high rT3/Cortisol.

Hi KSMan,

If you have time to look please:


I would like to get your opinion if you have time. Thanks for your time, I can only imagine how much time you have in assisting people. It is appreciated. Thanks

I would really value your opinion on my results. As a summary, it appears I have low LH, low FSH, low free test, low T3 and low vit D. Meanwhile, I am high SHBG and DHEA-S.

Hey KSman,

Long overdue update.


Thanks KSman. I answered your question at:

Could you please look at my thread. Thank you very much.


Could you please take a look at my thread? I had some labs retaken from and compared them to my results 6 months ago. I would love to see what your opinion might be.



Please help

If you have a minute, I would appreciate your advice.

KSman, I forgot about this forum for some time but I wanted to thank you for your help. I finally have my symptoms under control. It turns out I have sleap apnea and low t. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/need_advice_on_treatment_routes?id=5550007

Hi KSman

your advice on my blood work thanks

Hey KSman, could you share any insight you might have on my case?

Quick version:

Test showed low T. Doc prescribes 100mg test Cypionate per week for 12 weeks. Doc takes another blood test but doesn’t prescribe more injections. 8 weeks since my last injection I now have 2 sore nipples with lumps underneath and difficulty achieving orgasm/erections.

Hi KSman, the info you’ve provided in these forums is truly amazing. I want to thank you in advance and was hoping maybe you could take a look at my thread and give me any input.

KSman, will you give me some input please.