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Could you please take a look at my thread, everything is high, T, FT, ETC. My main concern is E2 is it very high at 110, I need to lower it!!???
Can I take 2 to 3 pills og arimidix at the same time???

@KSman if you could be so kind to provide some feedback on my latest thyroid bloodwork results, it would be greatly appreciated. Quite confused as to where I go from here!

Bat signal @KSman. Please look at my thread when available.

@KSman Could you take a look at my latest labs when you have a moment please?

Hi KSman. I’ve got a couple of questions re thyroid labs when you get a couple of minutes.

Hello KSman, I would greatly appreciate some help analysing my blood results

Many Thanks

Hey ksman, can I please get your interpretation of my labs in this thread: [Case Thread] 3 Years of TRT ?

Would really appreciate your interpretation of my bloodwork! https://forums.t-nation.com/t/20-y-o-secondary-hypogonadism/242057?u=bandit97

Hi @KSman

I would really appreciate if you could see my latest post on HPTA restart.

Thanks again for all your help!

23 Y/O. No Sex Drive, ED, Shrivelled Penis and Testes

Hey KSMan. Would love your thoughts on my latest blood work:

Thanks for all the help you provide - it’s much appreciated -Mike

Hey man I’m 18. I have very high shbg and digestive problems. Can you please help me.

Hi @KSman, Would very much appreciate your feedback on my latest bloods. I also have a few questions related to my latest protocol I would love to run by you…

Hello KSman, when you have some spare time could you offer advice on extensive labs.
Thank you.

I’m having a hard time dialing in my estrogen levels. I am prescribed 160mg test/weekly. I divide this dose into two injections 80mg (Tues/Fri’s). I was also prescribed arimedex 1mg 3x week. I found this to be way too high and levels were undetectable at this dose. So i went to .5mg twice a week and that wasnt enough as levels were still in the 50’s. My urologist seems clueless on this subject so I’m trying to figure out on my own. My last test result was 677 test and est was 57 (when i was taking .5mg 3x week) Recently I’ve been taking 1mg arimex twice a week (24 hours after my injection). My morning wood is better and sex drive a lil better but I noticed im drowsy alot. And does anastrzole make you shit alot?…is this normal? And should I divide my anastrozole doses into smaller doses…like half pill 4x week? I go for lab work in a month. Will see what my levels are at that time. Any advice that is optimal?

@KSman, first of all thanks for everything you’ve done. People like yourself I believe are responsible for helping countless individuals improve their lives, when the medical community has failed them.

I’m hoping you can look at two of my threads, issues I’ve hit road blocks with and offer your thoughts.

Hi KSman, hoping you can help me. I’ve made a thread with limited response.

I’ve recently been put on TRT (started July 2018). First few weeks I felt awesome, then started to feel shit. Came across the thyroid sticky and read over it. I looked over the bloodwork my doctor had done pre-TRT and noticed my TSH was 3.07 but he didn’t bring this up as an issue. He didn’t test for FT3 or FT4.

So, I checked temps, noticed I was SLIGHTLY cold in the afternoon but not by much - hitting about 98.2 / 98.3 in the afternoon. So I tired IR. 25mg Iodoral every day for a week. I then started consistently hitting 97.6 every day, sometimes even by 11am and would maintain this most of the day. Stopped IR for 3 days and got my levels checked again yesterday morning, they came back as follows:

FT4 15.9 (pmol/L) Ref 9.0 - 25.0
FT3 5.7 (mIU/L) Ref 3.5 - 6.5
TSH 3.72 (pmol/L) Ref 0.5 - 5.00 (as we now know, this reference is bullshit)

Got cortisol checked to rule out adrenal fatigue and all looks good to me:

Cortisol 326 (pmol/L) Ref 110 - 550

Also, ferritin is good. Iron and saturation are a little high.

Any ideas? Advice? I still feel foggy headed, lethargic, just all around below average and TRT has not helped in the way I thought it would. Don’t feel any better since IR either.

Would now be a good time to supplement synthetic T3 in order to lower TSH?

Was rT3 checked? Reverse T3 may help you determine your thyroid status.

Unfortunately no, the lab I went through can’t test for RT3…

Will synthetic t3 lower TSH?

Not necessarily. Only under ideal conditions of total health do pituitary T3 levels correlate with T3 levels in the rest of the body. TSH is a poor marker of active thyroid levels and thyroid status of an individual, and a normal TSH cannot be used as a reliable indicator that a person is euthyroid (normal thyroid) in the overwhelming majority of patients.

Hi @KSman. I wanted to get your feedback on my bloodwork (especially relating to thyroid) and possibly beginning TRT.

Issues: 28 years old, ED, low libido, brain fog, cant get enough sleep, focus is absent.

I have high SHBG and my TT levels increased significantly in a month period without TRT but my free T levels are still awful and I dont feel any different. Any input you could provide would be amazing! Thank you!