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KSman is Here

Hi ksman could you check my thread please? Since starting the thread I have been to see a private male hormone specialist with new blood tests in the first edit at the top of the original post.

Just wanted your opinion on the new bloods and the specialists recommendation thanks

Hi @KSman. I wanted to get your feedback on my bloodwork, temps related to thyroid, and beginning TRT. You gave me some much appreciated feedback before the bloodwork.

Reminder of issues: 33 years old, prolactinoma shrank by caber, bursitis in hips and osteopenia brought on by low T due to prolactinoma, on caber now for about 2 years.

Read about dosage recommendation of 1X per week with high SHBG, not sure if mine is high or not but results in blood work.

Thanks for all you do.

Hey ksman I was wondering if you could take a look at my thread. I have some bloodwork I would like you to look at.

I think I posted the wrong link. Here is my link ksman. I would love for you to see my thread and give me some insight on my bloodwork.

@KSman I know you’re busy dude, but if you could have a quick look at my thread when you get chance i’d appreciate it. I’ve got an appointment with the doc tomorrow and I want to make sure i’ve got my head straight before I speak to him.
Surprising Blood Results

Hi @KSman , I have some updated body temps and have started taking selenium just wondered if you could check them out. They’re in my latest post at the bottom of my thread. Much appreciated.

@KSman when you have a little time could you look over my last few posts in my case. Would like your thoughts on what I should do next. Thanx.

Continuing the discussion from 28 Y/O, No Libido and High Ferritin:

@KSman Would you be so kind as to look at my log and give your opinion on the QuestDiag tests I want to order? I just need to know if they are comprehensive enough… Thanks. NH_Watts' TRT Log


Could you please take a look at my thread, everything is high, T, FT, ETC. My main concern is E2 is it very high at 110, I need to lower it!!???
Can I take 2 to 3 pills og arimidix at the same time???

@KSman if you could be so kind to provide some feedback on my latest thyroid bloodwork results, it would be greatly appreciated. Quite confused as to where I go from here!

Bat signal @KSman. Please look at my thread when available.

@KSman Could you take a look at my latest labs when you have a moment please?

Hi KSman. I’ve got a couple of questions re thyroid labs when you get a couple of minutes.

Hello KSman, I would greatly appreciate some help analysing my blood results

Many Thanks

Hey ksman, can I please get your interpretation of my labs in this thread: [Case Thread] 3 Years of TRT ?

Would really appreciate your interpretation of my bloodwork! https://forums.t-nation.com/t/20-y-o-secondary-hypogonadism/242057?u=bandit97

Hi @KSman

I would really appreciate if you could see my latest post on HPTA restart.

Thanks again for all your help!

23 Y/O. No Sex Drive, ED, Shrivelled Penis and Testes

Hey KSMan. Would love your thoughts on my latest blood work:

Thanks for all the help you provide - it’s much appreciated -Mike

Hey man I’m 18. I have very high shbg and digestive problems. Can you please help me.

Hi @KSman, Would very much appreciate your feedback on my latest bloods. I also have a few questions related to my latest protocol I would love to run by you…