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Hey bud if you have a chance please. I have Dr appt tomorrow. Thanks for your time. Low T, I Think It's Thyroid? Ksman (was on Clomid now t-cyp)

Hi KSMan, could you look at the last few posts of my topic, please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi KSman could you look at a few posts of my topic, please? Thanks

Can you look at my last couple of posts if you have some time?
On TRT for about 3 months and all my numbers look good, but getting Gyno with E2 of 18, and HCT now 54, which worries me because I have a hx of having 4 blood clots and one pulmonary embolism in the past.

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Thanks KSman
I agree my E2 is low, have the clicking joints and inflamed knee which indicates this.
However I am now even more confused -are you suggesting I should take DHEA supplement? I can get that in UK, if so what dose?

Regarding Nolvadex
What dose are you suggesting ?
4 weeks at 20mg every other day? (Or 10mg every day?)
Then 2 weeks at 10mg every other day?

Regarding Anastrozole
Unfortunately the doc won’t prescribe this.

If you could give ANY FURTHER info on a low dose/no sides PCT/restart in simple terms this would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

CVCould you have a look at my thread if possible? I would appreciate it. Put in a ton of research myself and think a few things are becoming clearer.

Body temperature seems to have corrected to 37c now after a week on t4 and t3. not sure whether to pay thyroid doctor who wants to put me on desiccated thyroid but will cost me a ton of money to medicate through him. And not sure if correcting t3 deficiency will bring my testosterone back over 700 where it was 4 year aGo

Hi KSMan, can I get your opinion on this thread? Total T Went from 500 to 1400 with 50% Dose Increase. What Gives?

It seems like the internet is biased towards negative reports rather than success stories so I’m wondering if I could get your opinion on likelihood of a successful HPTA restart for me. So far I’ve recieved one opinion which is ‘abysmal’, but I’m wondering if the outlook really is that bleak.

Hey bro I know your busy but when you get a chance can you take a look at my thread…
Thank you :pray::pray:

I got diagnosed with low t levels afew years ago, went on try threaphy for 1 year, I stopped it because I want to it a kid someday I used Clomid 50mg everyday about 6months ago and it made me really angry so went off it, then used hcg for afew months which worked quite fine but towards the end of the cycle I stopped working again and had zero libido,
My test level went up to 19 when I was on the clomid but not it’s around 6…
I also used hgh during this time and stopped on dec/2017
What have I done wrong?
What’s the best thing to do now?

Hi would you please take a look at my post. It’s a complicated topic and you really seem to know a lot about these issues.

Dear @KSman ,

Would you please take a look at my topic?

I am feeling terrible right now and would love to see you taking a look. I’ve also posted a picture.

Hey @KSman, I tagged you in my thread today but thought I should properly do this here as well and hoping this is a quick answer. Estradiol test (below) came back high and wondering if I should wait until my Friday shot to introduce anastrozole. I have a 1.5mg/ml solution and am thinking of .25-.33mg with my shots. Thoughts?

Blood taken the morning of injection day. Schedule is E3.5D @ 62.5mg Test C. Had just started SQ injections the shot before.

Test Name

Result - 57 H

Reference Range Lab < OR = 29 pg/mL EZ

Edit: This is Quest Labs test code: 30289

Hi @KSMan

Can you please have a look at my latest blood results and let me know what you think? I have had little improvement on my symptoms, and my doc is suggested to up my dosage to 87.5mg twice weekly.


Hi ksman could you check my thread please? Since starting the thread I have been to see a private male hormone specialist with new blood tests in the first edit at the top of the original post.

Just wanted your opinion on the new bloods and the specialists recommendation thanks

Hi @KSman. I wanted to get your feedback on my bloodwork, temps related to thyroid, and beginning TRT. You gave me some much appreciated feedback before the bloodwork.

Reminder of issues: 33 years old, prolactinoma shrank by caber, bursitis in hips and osteopenia brought on by low T due to prolactinoma, on caber now for about 2 years.

Read about dosage recommendation of 1X per week with high SHBG, not sure if mine is high or not but results in blood work.

Thanks for all you do.

Hey ksman I was wondering if you could take a look at my thread. I have some bloodwork I would like you to look at.

I think I posted the wrong link. Here is my link ksman. I would love for you to see my thread and give me some insight on my bloodwork.

@KSman I know you’re busy dude, but if you could have a quick look at my thread when you get chance i’d appreciate it. I’ve got an appointment with the doc tomorrow and I want to make sure i’ve got my head straight before I speak to him.
Surprising Blood Results

Hi @KSman , I have some updated body temps and have started taking selenium just wondered if you could check them out. They’re in my latest post at the bottom of my thread. Much appreciated.

@KSman when you have a little time could you look over my last few posts in my case. Would like your thoughts on what I should do next. Thanx.

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