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Updated details on Iodine supplementation.
Big thanks.

Yes, however with TRT lasting the rest of your life, hCG as a natural human hormone is not going to create issues and SERMs are not worry free. I sometimes suggest hCG with SERM holidays occasionally when there is a heightened concern re fertility. LH/FSH needs to be manged to avoid high levels just as high hCG doses need to be avoided.

Tucker, we see lots of guys here treated for depression when the underlying problem is a sex hormone imbalance. Mostly low T, but I need to stress that E2 needs to be in balance. Low thyroid function is a very common problem that robs energy and can create mood-depression problems by itself or compound any other cause/case of depression. In many cases the thyroid issues can be caused by iodine deficiency caused by not using iodized salt.

If your depression has deeper roots, hormone problems still need to be addressed as you peel back the onion.

Some SSRI’s can increase suicidal thoughts as the medication can give one the energy to attempt.

Please open a topic for your case and provide all available labs with lab ranges. I think that we can help a lot. Getting docs to do things right may take some work.

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hi can you please respond to me when you have a moment at my thread. @KSman

KSMan -

Replied to your comments


Hi.please get back to me. My test results been uploaded. Thanks

Thank you for the info.

Can you think of any reason for HCG effectiveness for testicular atrophy to be dependant on exogenous T level? Is there something like too much testosterone in blood stream for HCG to activate Leydig cells?

Can you think of any other reason for HCG (250 units E3D, pharmaceutical grade, properly stored) to not be able to prevent testicular atrophy during TRT (100 mg E3,5D, also pharmaceutical grade)?

K Sman,

I don’t have any questions. I just wanted to thank you for helping everyone. There are a lot of useless doctors out there, along with an inefficient medical system and legal structure, and you’re providing a selfless, invaluable service.

Thank you.

@KSman - Just wanted to let you know I posted a thread and could use someone like you taking a look at the calculations and labs to make sure I’m not totally hosing up my dosing. I think I’m on the right track but if you could take a minute to give some feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

CDMac’s Thread

The answer is propably in the stickies but I can’t seem to find it. I’m injecting 2 times a week (thursday morning and sunday evening). When should I get my blood drawn. ( to be the lowest cause i’m meeting with a new endo )


I’m not @KSman but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn recently :smile:

The amount of testosterone in your body will be the lowest the further you are away from an injection.

Hi there. You did comment on my thread but I’ve now add labs - could you please take a look: Low GH. Amino Supplements to Boost GH? (+labs!) Thanks.


Have updated my post with new lab results: here. Would appreciate any input.

Also have two specific questions:

  1. LabCorp has lowered their reference interval for Total T. Does this mean that I need to scale up my new result in order to compare it to previous ones?

  2. While E2 and prolactin are both coming in line, LH and FSH are going up. Is this anything to be concerned about?

Thanks for all your help.

When you get a chance, I’d appreciate your insight on recent bloodwork.

T levels are not the problem.

hCG could be bogus or damaged. Was it shipped wet to you?

Half way between injections and avoiding timing changes that will affect results.


Replied to your response in my thread.Guidance on Low T, Obesity, Etc


Hello KSman, updated my HRT - Beyond the Basics thread. Would love to hear your thoughts on method to determine estradiol range. Thanks, tdsg

Never mind, KSman, added questions to Estrogen - why you should care thread.