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Those were my thoughts as well. It would be difficult to obtain as well I’m guessing without a script. Any idea on the cost without insurance coverage?

Some here have used it, but I expect that none have born the costs long term.

With insurance, it simply might be denied.

Do not know costs. Your pharmacy would look that up for you.

Hi Ksman,

I just updated my thread so if you could take a look, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply! I just wrote some follow up questions to your post here:

Updated my thread here Ksman. Thanks in advance!

When you get time KSman, latest labs have returned with actual E2 number (11) after getting the <20 on the last one. Did go to different lab as suggested. Going slow and making small adjustments with T and AI dosing.

Got rT3 reading, but DHEA-S test did not get done. Will be contacting doc about new labs, but may be awhile as I’m out of country till Dec.

Could use some opine on the thyroid issue as well. Thanks

New update for me KSMan


Would you mind double checking my protocol?
Dosage and frequency ok or too passive?


When you have time. Trying to tweak things. Thanks

Quick update question KSman if you could be so kind :slight_smile:

For some reason the link did not attach


When you have a moment, please check my latest, including full thyroid panel.

What Am I Missing? Low T, Fibro, Thyroid? Docs No Help

Hi Ksman, if you could check out my update when you get a chance, I’d appreciate it! Hope all is well!

Im in the Jax area, what doctor did you use? @Evan1000

This is not a chat room, please normally find members’ topics and post into those.
Evan1000 make one post into this thread 24 months ago and has been missing since then.
So you do not have many options for Evan1000.

Oh great one.

Got labs back, would really like your input if you know anything about lipoproteins. My LDL/HDL levels and ratios are OK-great, but my lipoproteins levels are out of range and I have no idea what it signifies or what I can do to fix it.

Hey Ksman,

Can I please get a reply here? Help Dialing in Dosages (3 Lab "Snapshots" over a year)

I feel like I’m so close on my protocol. I know I have an issue with an enzyme that breaks down anastrazole, so I am considering .25 at E6D. My doctor wouldn’t prescribe aromasin because he’s unfamiliar with it.

I’m also looking for commentary on creams and the point that they better mimic the daily cycling of testosterone as a healthy person, and low-T at night may be beneficial to wind down. Could I not just re-apply the cream after working out?

Just wanted to thank KSman for all the insight you have provided!

@KSman - would really appreciate your input on my thread. I’m having a rough time.

@KSman, my thread keeps getting lost in the shuffle. I have new lab results that you suggested I get and I’d really appreciate any insights you may have.

Hey KSman. Been lurking these forums for the past year and have gleaned invaluable advice from your posts. I’m a 21 y/o male with hypothyroidism. I’m on thyroid meds currently and have been dealing with low free test for the past year. My thyroid meds are driving up my SHBG which is lowering my free test. I’ve tried stinging nettle, avena sativa, lowering my estrogen, etc… I’m about ready to start TRT since exogenous test is one of the few sure-fire ways to lower SHBG. My most recent blood work came back with elevated LH which has never been a problem for me before. I’m concerned I’m dealing with primary hypogonadism. could you take a look at my situation when you have a chance? I posted everything including bloodwork in the following thread.

Thank you so much.