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KSman is Here

If you get a chance I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my case when you get a chance.

Thank you very much.

When you have a moment, could you check my update in my thread KSman? Thank you!

I would appreciate any insights to my recent labs


Could you please reply to my thread? There’s a post I made a couple posts back regarding:

  • is recovering from adrenal fatigue (and restoring normal T production) possible?
  • if you have commentary on SSRIs (I understand that they change serotonin metabolism but why is this a bad thing long term?)



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When you have time, can you look at my thread again please? It’s old, but the info is still current. Thanks!


Sorry, I am reposting cause my earlier post had the wrong link.


When you have time, can you look at my thread again please as I have updated it with bloodtests. It’s an old thread but the info is still current. Thanks!

[quote]tdsg wrote:

If you have time to view my post HRT - Beyond the Basics and latest labs (last column) I would be most grateful.

Thank you, tdsg[/quote]

link me!

Please have a look at my thread regarding my wife throid function as she is pregnant.

It only gets worst. First we lost PM’s and I could not do 1 on 1 work. Then we lost the icons on the stickies so I have to point almost all new guys to find and read them. Now the links to the last post and to last unread post are broken. These all make my work more difficult. And the tech forum was dropped.

Hey KSMAN - I know I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate all of your responses. I have another…I’m not sure my HCG is working…



Thank you for all tou have done foe this community. As many others have, I’d value your input.

Again, thank you!

Thanks for your help KSman, would love if you could look at my response with lab work. Sorry if it is more extensive than expected. Just a few things added that I thought might be important.

plz look at my thread I have posted new values and visited endo today.


Hey KSman, a couple new values and the visit to the Endocrinologist is up.



Please look at my thread I have updated some more values and I have queries please help me out. Endo are not of any help only hope now left is you.

When you have a free moment would you be able to review some of my new labs?


I’ve got some updates with more blood tests. I’d love any help.


Hi KSman,

I am a new member who just created a case. Would you please take a look? I am open to any suggestions. I have tried to follow the guidelines explained in the stickies to save you and other experienced members time and headache. I appreciate this forum.

Thank you,


Case Link:

Hello KSman, I started my own thread, if you hav a chance to take a look I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

Hi again, I edited the first post of my thread as per advice for new guys sticky. Included some new maybe pertinent information. Thanks again for your help.