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KSman is Here

KSMan, I’ve got some new blood lab numbers for you.


Started a SERM and have several questions in my thread in the last couple of posts, would be extremely thankful if you cared to check in: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/exfinasteride_user_wants_to_feel_good_again

Hey KSman, hoping you could swing back by my thread have new labs posted up minus CBC,CMP ect…I can post them if needed.
I have seen a slight spike in my TSH numbers only thing I have changed is adding in Iodized salt to my diet,wondering if I should remove it,plus need some advice on the other things I mention in my thread.
Thanks for your time,it’s appreciated.

Hey KSMAN, you asked that I ping you here when I have my results. I’ve posted them to the bottom of this thread. I’d appreciate your thoughts.




Ok. I posted here earlier before my post was mid approved. And the post wasn’t visible. It’s there now. I’d so appreciate your thoughts. I’m aiming to see my GP again tomorrow (Mon) or Tues.

Thanks MS


Hi KSman!

I have updated my thread with LH/FSH labs and body temps.

Can you please take a look?

Hi KSman,

Thanks for the stickies and looking out for everyone here.

This is my first post. Please take a look at my history and labs and let me know what you think.


I may not be here very often for a while.

Important question about HPTA restart protocol, I think for many confused guys, If you can look on this I would appreciated


I’ve added in my latest bloods that include full thyroid profile and free test and E2.

I would really value your input.

Thanks, MS


I’ve added in my latest bloods that include full thyroid profile and free test and E2.

I would really value your input.

Thanks, MS

Hi KSMan,

Just wondering if I can get your perspective in my thread. Want to make sure I’m doing this right.

KSman, do you think it’s possible the carrier type could influence the effectiveness of TRT administered SC?

I’m having questionable results with a bottle based in ethyl oleate, and was wondering it may be a factor.

Thank you

Hello Ksman.

Cancer survivor here! I tried to post up a thread including 5 different labs done and my TRT! Can you please open it and discuss further more if i am wrong or right. Nonetheless it could help other members out that are on Nebido.

I just want to say that without you, I would still probably be fumbling around with an endocrinologist who insists on my using androgel, and nothing else.

I read your stickies, which is how I found a real TRT doc (and I posted something to that thread today which may throw a bit of a wrench in that for the time being). I posted my own story when I started. You answered.

Quite frankly, I owe a good part of my health to you, so I thought I’d just say thanks.

Chalk: Some do have problems with sensitivities to the oil involved. But the T probably gets release in any case.

I would avoid that, too many red flags.

Aielman: Thanks for the story. Nice to have the positive feedback for my efforts. You may ask why I do this… I really don’t know any more :wink: - a compulsion I guess.

Hi KsMan,

I got thyroid labs done and they seem fine. Need advice on where to go.



When you have a moment, would appreciate your advice.

Btw, my thread description does not describe some of the questions I post, just trying to keep myself in one place.

Thanks for your time