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KSman is Here

KSman your post on your AI experience is excellent and informative. I am going to bring this forum my Dr attention today. My gut tells me he has been here a lot already though.

I have responded to your reply in my post. Just did waking temp. 97.0. I am sure I will rise to 98.6 later today. I will check.

When you have a moment.

Than you

Let me know your thoughts regarding thyroid medication and body temps. This does not seem to be going in the right direction.

Got latest lab results you recommended: PROLACTIN ,SHBG,
ESTRADIOL , TSH , ft3 , ft4

when you get a chance, please have a look

Hi KSman,

Might you have a look at my thread and lend your generous knowledge when you’re able?

I’m seriously considering finally taking the TRT plunge at 40.

We all appreciate the hell out of you here. Thanks very much in advance.

Ksman please look at my updated thread and let me know your thoughts…Thanks…

Ksman; when you have a chance to review. Thanks for your time

KSman, I’m the guy who sent you the Free State gift card. Hope all is well. I have been seeing a new Doc after my old doc stopped taking insurance. Would you mind reviewing my labs?


You helped me a bit in my forum thread on low testosterone and gyno but you told me that you need the lab results to give me more info. Now I got my lab results, can you please check them and offer an opinion?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Any comments about my thyroid here? I think the experiment was worth it, but I don’t think there is any reason to continue. Updated labs included.

Hey Dr.KSman ,

In case you miss it…this is my file.


Do you mind stopping by my thread when you get a chance? Thanks

Hi KSman,

I’ve posted re my low body temp and would really value your advice on whether I’m following the right course of action.



Any comments? Thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

Hey Ksman bro please look at my thread regarding my query for free T.

Sir look at my thread I have posted new lab work and have query.

Hey Ksman,
please look at my thread I have posted new lab work please look at me I have become hopeless.
I have query and also posted reference range for free T. Please resolve my query.
You are great bro helping lot of people may God bless you, live healthy n long life keep on helping people like us.
Here is my link

KSMan - as you requested I have posted my morn/aft. oral temps as my previous temperature readings were taken underarm. I have another appointment with the endo - wondering what additional tests would you suggest to narrow down why SHBG is high (E2 good, thyroid and liver tests - nothing jumping out).

low free t looking for help with bloodwork

Hi KSman,

I have updated my thread, can you please help me with the Arimidex dosage?
Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey KSMan, I updated my thread with new blood tests. My Estradiol is at 6.3, which means it is out of range on the low side. I’m thinking I have secondary hypogonadism because LH is at high end of spectrum but TT and FT are back to where they were pre Clomid.