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When you have a second please. Thanks!

Hey KSman, can you look at my new question? Last alternative before switching to T-hCG-AI.



ksman can you check it out for me please.

KSman, can you please comment on the last several posts:


Hi KSman,

Can you take a look at the new results post-Clomid in my thread?

Thank You

Hi KS I tried a restart, but thinks didn’t go to well, when you get a chance can you check my thread?


Hi KSMan, if you could look at my protocol and my questions one more time, I’d appreciate it a bunch!

Happy holidays.

KSMan I updated my thread with new blood work. would like your opinion if you don’t mind before i see the endo next week


Post varicocelotomy labs, If you could please read them.

If anyone will have sugestions as well please write.

Hi Ksman,

Updated my thread. Would value your Feedback:


Hey KSman,

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your insight. I posted two years ago and tried cutting out coffee. I did lose some weight, but it came back - I think mainly because of lack of sleep. I lost my grandfather and became extremely stressed for about a year.

This link is the post with my most recent, fasting, AM blood work:

This was the previous post that you had commented on but indicated that a full AM panel was needed:


I have some thoughts on thread, do you know how to stop cortisol stealing progesterone ?

Hi KSman,

Decided to go for T - hCG - eventually IA. Couple of basic questions in:


Thanks a LOT.

KSman could u please look at my thread, thank u sir

KSman, here are the labs you requested i have done. Thank you for your time.


Would appreciate your checking out:

Thanks for your advice on improper posting. One of the moderators helped out.

i went ahead and posted my lab results as u requested, could u please take another look
thank u

ksman the admin finally posted the second set of labs
could u relook again, sorry mate

Ksman please help me out I have updated my thread with more lab results.

Updated with body temps