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Updated thread:



having a nipple issue, if you could please advise:

hey KSMan I have all new full blood panel for you to look at :slight_smile:

I seem to have a massive issue with my thyroid though as you will see from my new numbers…


not to be a pain, but any thoughts on the nipple soreness?

Is anybody having a problem getting Hcg? have a script but
on backorder everywhere?

Hi KSman,
I have just updated labs and temps as requested. Can you please review and advise? It is greatly appreciated!


Hello sir. Been reading your older posts for the last few weeks. Amazing amount of information. Thank you.

Updated my thread … would appreciate any feedback. Cheers!

Hi KSman, I have just updated my thread with what I think are relevant news. Can you check it when you are able? I would appreciate any feedback. Regards,


New test results here KSMan


Ask a compounding pharmacy. Will come with vitamin B-12 as well.

KSman: thanks for your reply, man.

I have a couple of short follow-up questions, you mind checking them?


Thanks a LOT, really.


if you could again please:

Updated my thread with new labs (case regarding high-normal total test, low free test, and slightly elevated E2). I would appreciate your feedback.

KSman, if you’ve got a moment I’ve got some updated thyroid and other related issues I’m concerned about:

hello I had varicocele surgery,

One week ago I did blood test:

FT4: 1,38 NG/DL (0,7-1,48)

FT3: 3,31 PG/ML (1,71 - 3,71)-------> gain from 2,86 pg/mL before surgery, I have lot more energy then before varicocelotomy, I feel just better

TSH: 0,47 (0,35-4,94)

ESTRADIOL 32 PG/ML [7,63-42,60] -----> E2 drops from 41, I can surerely feel it I am much less iritable person, bitch mode almost off.

Testosterone: 3,51 ng/ml [2,8-8] ------> this is what is worring me. It almost didn’t change. I can feel that I am more sexually sensitive, but I think it’s due to lower e2. I have 2-3 mornig erections during week after surgery, before I had 2 during 2 or 3 weeks.

LH: 2,41 mIU/ml [1,7- 8,3]

FSH: 1,3 mIU/ml [1-14]

My question is, if estradiol is made from testosterone during the way of aromatization, why after surgery estradiol level drops and level of testosterone stay on low level ? ? ?

Another can you check it out thread: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/29_started_trt_today Thanks!

Hard to say what is behind E2 changes. Might be blood flow related. As swelling resolves, slowly, blood flow may improve more.

If your HPTA is functional, but “set point” is low, you might shift that by taking 0.5mg/week anastrozole in divided doses.

Increase “330 iu Liquidex (1 mg/ml) EOD” by a factor of 32/22, or a 50% increase --> 480iu, which is 30% more than nominal VS your 130mg T/week dose.

Your E2 status may be in a state of change and anastrozole dose may require more tuning. If E2 is a bit low for a while, assuming that you feel OK, this might assist changes in your HPTA.

fT3 is good. Are body temps OK? If not, rT3 a possible problem. Make sure that you are getting selenium and ferritin is good; fT4–>fT3 might be inhibited or some end product is been bleed off as rT3.

Your post and the above should be in your case thread, not this one.

KSman, got some numbers and a couple questions, if you would please:

I feel like I should be paying you at this point, THANK YOU…

Hi Ksman
could you look at my thread? I got new test result back

thank you