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KSman is Here

Hi KSman,

I have a stretch of body temperature measurements that may help with my case, plus some questions, if you could take a look I would really appreciate,


Question for you on nolva http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/1_year_of_trt

Hi KSamn,

Please, let me know what you think of my updated labs:

Thanks again.

Update in mine. Cheers KSMan :slight_smile:

Please help. Super AI over-responder, potassium, bun/creatinine ratio problems

Hope that link works. not sure what the best way is.



Hi KSMan,

I’m getting close to 1 g. total IR and have a couple of new updates for you. Can you take a look please?


I have seen this before. With young boys who have lots of testosterone early, they can end up short and stocky. It would be a tricky thing for a doc as he would have to guess that stature would be low and intervene with anastrozole and in the end he/she would still not know if stature would have been shorter. I don’t think that insurance would want to be involved. A study would have to be done, and very costly with multi-year involvement and placebos. But that is never done for an off-patent drug, no profit motive.

Updated thread:



having a nipple issue, if you could please advise:

hey KSMan I have all new full blood panel for you to look at :slight_smile:

I seem to have a massive issue with my thyroid though as you will see from my new numbers…


not to be a pain, but any thoughts on the nipple soreness?

Is anybody having a problem getting Hcg? have a script but
on backorder everywhere?

Hi KSman,
I have just updated labs and temps as requested. Can you please review and advise? It is greatly appreciated!


Hello sir. Been reading your older posts for the last few weeks. Amazing amount of information. Thank you.

Updated my thread … would appreciate any feedback. Cheers!

Hi KSman, I have just updated my thread with what I think are relevant news. Can you check it when you are able? I would appreciate any feedback. Regards,


New test results here KSMan


Ask a compounding pharmacy. Will come with vitamin B-12 as well.

KSman: thanks for your reply, man.

I have a couple of short follow-up questions, you mind checking them?


Thanks a LOT, really.


if you could again please: