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I have updated labs and a question about FT.




Hi KSman,

I would appreciate your view on my new labs and the hCG treatment Doc suggested.

I really appreciate your constant help and generosity.

Please link to the post

KSman could you please look in my thread, I added and answer some of the questions. I Appreciate it thx

KSman, quick hCG question… Dr. mentioned 125iU sublingual hCG as a addition to my TRT is this as effective as injections? of do we need to have more conversation with explanation for the Dr. to understand the benefits of sc injections?

I have lots of new info but still the same erection problems can you please help me again.

Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Reupdated mine again. Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Hi, KSMan!

I have a new update for you. Thank you!

sorry for many questions, Im attaching my thread, I have question if iodine would be good choice to add to my supplements? If yes what kind do you recommend? I believe I do have thyroid conversion problem even though my rT3 clear out.

Also any recommendation how to heal adrenals?


Added data about my sodium/potassium and hematocrit levels and my baseline ACTH level.

KSman I answered the questions

Hi KSman, It has been a long time,

I keep with the same issue of excessive aromatization, that overcomes 1) the use of AI (aromasin) like last year and 2) minimal amounts of testosterone (one shot of 10 mg of testosterone immediately caused the effects of excessive aromatization:

Please see my last post…thanks in advance

New update in my thread. Cheers for your help KSman :slight_smile:


Could you take a look at my thread again?



Hi KSMan,

I have some new updates and questions for you. Can you take a look again?


I was told to ask for your help, as a “heavy hitter” is needed with my case. Currently only have TT, FT, E2, LH, FSH numbers but will be updating with temperature and thyroid lab when I have them. Thanks in advance for any help.

KSMan, I have updated my post with temperatures as you instructed. They only cover the last 24 hours, but I will continue taking temps and updating. Any insight you have on my findings would be very much appreciated. The link is in the post immediately above this one.

KSman, please take a look at my 12 week labs if you get a chance, Thanks I think I’m getting a good understanding of things

Hi KSman, thanks for your reply…I have very interesting lab results and comments regarding the excessive aromatisation I experience (even under AI)…please take a look my friend and tell me what you think…regards and thanks in advance…

Hi KSman, I’ve updated my thread with a new lab and had an unexpected drop in Total Test.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!