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Hi Ksman, just asked a question on how to taper a SERM safely. Thanks.

KSMAN, are you still using B12? If so, can you share the frequency/dosage? Thanks!

Not using B12 injections lately, just stopped. But now my hCG comes compounded with B12 so that covers it.

You have been reading old stuff!

Yes, was looking at older postings about injectable vs. oral B12 and saw your post on it.

Is there a particular dosage/frequency you could recommend for starting out with?

Thank you.

B12? Some older people have difficulties absorbing B12 from food or supplements. They can benefit from B12 injections. Others can simply take vitamins. A good high potency B-complex multi-vit with trace elements and iodine is good for many reasons.

KSman, I’ve updated my thread with new blood work results. Could you take a look and chime in with your thoughts? Thanks!

Updated with new lab results:

Very much appreciated KSman

Got my latest labs.

What do you think KSman? Thanks!

Hi Ksman, really appreciate the help so far but would you mind giving your opinion on my latest update


Thank you

[quote]KSman wrote:
Not using B12 injections lately, just stopped. But now my hCG comes compounded with B12 so that covers it.

You have been reading old stuff![/quote]

KSman: This interests me. Would you please enlighten me on the compounded hcg/b12. Amount per injection? administering sub q?, how do I approach my pharmacy to make the product and etc. I am still injecting 250 iu hcg eod and using liquid sublingual B12 ED. Would appreciate your sharing information. Hope this is the correct place to ask for the information. Thank you

The laws of the land were modified to prevent compounding pharmacies from selling any drug that is substantially the same as commercially branded. So they could not sell hCG any more. So now you can get hCG from a compounded pharmacy that has B12 in it. When you add BA water, it is then a deep red color from the B12. There is really no magic here and no reason to get too excited. It’s not really anything special.

Only a compounding pharmacy will supply this. You would dilute the same and inject the same amounts.

Hi KSman, got recent labs. Please let me know what you think.

ping please


Could you look over my labs? I started TRT 5 weeks ago and just got results that are low.

Wondering if my SHBG is low and its burning up my T.


SMG, please provide links to your threads. Should not be an easter egg hunt.

Lower SHBG means more FT and bio-T.

Lower SHBG can lead to lower TT, but that is not a problem as T+SHBG is functionally inert and it a transport method to eliminate T from your blood by metabolization of T+SHBG in the liver.




KSman thanks for all the great info that you and the others have shared on the boards.

If you find time can you take a look and give me you 2 cents. Thanks

KSman, I’d appreciate you taking a look at my latest lab report and replying with any comments. Thanks again. Your contributions (as well as others) here have shortened my learning curve about TRT dramatically. Much appreciation!

From the reading here it looks like you are the man when it comes to saving people from our symptoms and giving us back our quality of life. I would appreciate it if you could give me any advice about my current situation. I will keep reading all you have wrote in my breaks at work!

New TSH results. Puzzling…