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Hey KSman, I think you accidentally posted a reply to someone else’s case in my thread:

Your comments there don’t seem to apply to my case (for example, my cholesterol and HTC are not high - and I never posted any labs to your thread).

Could you edit the post to prevent confusion?


[quote]KSman wrote:
Depends on how many iu’s per ml. Many mix at 1000iu/ml and 250iu would be 25 units on the syringe. Some mix to 2000iu/ml for 12.5 on the syringe.[/quote]

My vial says it is 2500iu/ml so, using the math in your examples, it looks like that equates to 10 units. Thank you very much for your help!

KSman, could you take a look at my thread?


Hey KSMan would love your input on my thread. Just finished a clomid PCT and posted bloodwork.


I did loads of tests, posted here:

Please tell me what do you see.

Can you please look at my last post?


Do you think it’s possible for one to show low T symptoms, extreme depression and mood swings, anxiety, weak chin, while actually having high T (930ng/dl) and low-normal estradiol ?

KS, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest labs.


KSman, thanks for all you do here, it must be hard to keep up. I’m trying to learn as I go, and not have to ask all the questions u answered a hundred times. I put a few questions in my post, if you can take a look at it some time. I ask mainly so I can direct my GP, when I see him in a week, because I want to make the switch to shots. Thank you.

KSMAN, I just got the latest lab results. Can you please take a look? Thanks

Hey KSman whenever you have a second.

Thank you!

Ksman, I would really appreciate you having a look at my threads most recent updates. Thank you for your time.


KSman I’m posting it here too because I don’t know if you would check my post because there were a troll there and also I think this DHT question could help other people here.

Need help. I still have no libido. My recent test. I hope my problem would be just DHT. Can you guys tell me if my DHT is lower enough to make me feel no libido at all?

Testosterone: 510 (from 250 to 825)
Free Testosterone: 480 (until 640)
E2: 29
Prolactin: 9
DHT: 27 (from 25 to 100)

I’m writting here because I know the rules here. So I’d like an advice specially from KSman. The good thing is that I can buy Proviron because I live in Brazil. And I saw a guy with low DHT from propecia and he also had TSH 4.8 and he fixed all his symptons like ED, no libido, no energy just taking proviron. So the other question I’d like to ask is if TRT, or fixing testosterone, DHT reduce TSH?

Please answer me fast I’m kinda depressed.

Also my sperm volume is low and wattery. I see people saying that it’s to low DHT. I see many people from PFS saying wattery ejaculation even when they start getting the side effects and some say that when they take proviron, androhard the side effects are vanished and the ejaculation get more white and consistent as before the PFS. I’ve never took Propecia, Accutane etc.

This is the link


Got back my latest blood work and have an appointment with the Dr later this week. Was wondering if I could get your input?


If you could shed any light on this, I could not thank you enough. I think you are probably one of the only ones on here who is knowledgeable enough to really figure this thing out

Thanks so much,

KSman, I started a thread called “Anti-doping” asking if there was info out there on being on TRT and competing in sports. There is the possibility I could be tested during a competition in August 2014 and as T, HCG and AI are all banned by WADA I and my team would be disqualified. Do you have any info on how long I would have to be “clean” to test negative? Thanks for any information you can provide.

KS man ,
I would REALLY appreciate if you could look at this


I updated my lab work after a year of 4 drops of Anastrozole. Any thoughts would be appreciate.
Thank You.