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what about the MRI question


What is your take on this. I am using Lanastrozole and it says it is 1MG/ML in etOH/Glycerin Solution. I was doing some
looking around on this. Is this a safe solution to be consumed by people? The only thing I could find was

Which didn’t look too promising.


KSMan, Thanks a million for your response on my thread below. I just responded to your questions there. In response to your request I provided my morning and mid-afternoon temps and also described my iodine history. i will schedule the labs you recommended tomorrow. Please respond when you can find the time…THANK YOU!..by the way, i was serious about what i said in the thread below about compensating you monetarily for your expertise (just tell me how by sending me emailing to ROSSRL333@hotmail.com)…your knowledge and attention to detail far exceeds both my gp and my endo!!! also, your thyroid sticky is so helpful…i didn’t know stress could degrade thyroid functioning so much…i have a very stressful job (systems engineer)…by the way do you know any good TRT docs in Wichita Kansas?

Would realy appreciate a response KSman

Would realy appreciate a response KSman

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. My post has been up for a few days but I haven’t had any responses. Am I on the right track?

Thanks in advance!!

You said that DHEA has no direct impact on libido. But I’m talking to two guys from curezone one has Post Finasteride symdrome and other just adrenal fatigue. Both of them said that their energy and libido came back with DHEA. One said that he need to cut in half 5mg of DHEA so just 2.5 is enough to his libido (he has adrenal fatigue) the other said he received a lot of libido and energy with 5 to 15mg of DHEA, he took finasteride to stop his hair from falling and finasteride lowers DHT. So maybe DHEA has an impact of DHT?

They may converting some DHEA–>T and it is T that is creating the reported benefits. This can happen in the adrenals, but never leads to significant T levels [in TRT terms]. There can be direct effects on the brain, relative to a state of DHEA deficiency. I am quite doubtful about those reports.

KSman is purity still g2g? Do you still have a positive opinion.

Hey KSman- Could you take a look when you get a chance. I could really use some of your wisdom.

But KSman I saw one guy here in the forum that was taking HCG, felt great. And then stopped felt bad with just 280 of testosterone.

With testosterone 280 started taking just DHEA and Pregnelonone and felt great again even with low testosterone. That’s weird, seems that DHEA is the biggest hormone to convert the T into DHT.

Would it be safe to say that if you are taking an AI with your TRT, you can take less testosterone? For example if I am on 140mg per week… with an AI can I perhaps go down to 120 or 100mg per week? My understanding is that E2 with bind to Androgen receptors and the Free T has no where to go. Let me ask this… does taking an AI affect what your Total T will show up as on blood work or it will it only indirectly affect Free T?
For Example, If while on 120mg T per week, but TT on the 8th day was 450… would this number have been higher If i was taking an AI? Total E2 was 32

would love a follow up


nothing negative about purity has come to my attention

DHEA–>E2 is unusual. Some guys, a few, have this problem. Note that most young males have high DHEA levels and low E2. See the problem?

Many on TRT do not see major changes in TT and FT when AI is introduced. There will be some effects. With labs, one can adjust T doses as needed if your doc is able to see things that way.

KSman, could you give your view of the question about bioavailable T ranges from Labcorp and Quest?

Here is the question:

If you could answer it in the thread referenced.

Hi KSman, can you have a look at my case? Yes I am well aware i have thyroid issues contributing but i’m interested in your take on my high prolactin levels, highish LH and FSH and normal T for a 25 yr old male. I’ve never taken test or any sex hormone before. These results have been like this for years. My DHEA is low but i can’t take this because it lowers my cortisol too much and I have adrenal fatigue.

KSman, I have question for you:

in May I did the blood (Quest):
DHEA = 321 (45-345)
TT = 457
SHBG = 9
I was on testopel back then

In July I started cyp shots, aiming, as most guys at high TT (which is a mistake because my SHBG is low)
Results in September (LabCorp):
DHEA=431 (89-427), HIGH

  1. I presume that SHBG lowered as a result of increased TT. What is your opinion?
  2. Why do you think DHEA increased? What are the implications of DHEA increase?

Thank you