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I just posted all the info you requested on my thread, hopefully it will help clear things up some. I’m trying narrow down what I should be discussing with my endo this Friday when I seem him, i.e. what is the most likely driving my symptoms. Thanks again for all your help


good morning,
could you take a look at the results of my saliva test and give me your thoughts


Waking temp is still around 97.2F by the cheap thermometer. With all the variables knows whether Iodine actually increased the temp or not? It seems like afternoon temp did come up, but maybe it’s all just thermometer error. However, I’m inclined to think it did increase some as the 2 more reliable thermometers I compared to in the past week both had me at or above 98.6 for PM.

I really don’t stress too much now and don’t tend to stress overt things by nature. However, I was pretty stressed for the past 3 years or so, especially before starting TRT. Mostly a worry issue. I felt horrible and it seemed like there was bad lead after bad lead and huge stretches of time involved in trying to get it all figured out. I did have high external demands at times but I don’t tend to worry about things I can do something about. I did worry pretty constantly about my health for a good 2-3 years , which I felt I had little to no control over and not much hope for fixing at times. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or if “worry type stress” would impact the adrenals…anyways, hope this helps.


Please do not put case details here, just point me to your thread with a link to it.

KS…new labs…trying to address the edema problem…
Thanks for all you do here!!


Got 4 sample saliva results back. Could use some input.

Hi KSMan,

I got lab work including the test you advised me (AST/ALT, plus lipids, general blood, TSH (thyroid), and estradiol…

Estradiol is getting better…but …I am scared with the cholesterol…increased a lot from the last lipid profile (5 months ago)…could it be the aromasin? Theoretically no, but there is nothing new during the past 5 months…

Here is the link:


Hi KSMan,

thanks for your feedback. I have provided the info requested and added or reformulated a few questions (really depressed with the cholesterol, TRT dosis, estradiol, and hematocrits result… really needing answers … life seems gloomy at this moment).



Hi KSman,

Just stopping by to thank you for all you do here. The information you’ve put together in the stickies is invaluable, and is really helping me to polish up my T protocol.


Just got some new lab work back. Would be most grateful if you could take a look and give me your thoughts. Estradiol high, TPO antibodies high. Ugh.

Hi KSman,

I was wondering if you ahd any comments on my last post about Prozac. Thanks.

Hi KSman,

Just got my labwork for some objective stuff to run off of and it looks to me like E2 is the main issue and Free T4 the runner-up. Would love to hear your thoughts on this



I would appreciate your advice with regard to my thread

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Specially looking for advice on a serm restart protocol.

Hi KSMan,

First of all, thanks for your interest and time,

I gathered all the info you requested and added some other…could you please take a look?

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If you could take a gander at my thread, titled KSMan, same movie different character, under the trt forum, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand you are a busy man. Any suggestions and direction would be much appreciated. I think I’ve read every stickey that is pertinent in an effort to educate myself. That said advice from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated. Drs seem to be of no help and are chasing the $$$$$. Again thanks for your time.


I posted a thread with a list of requested personal information as well as background info to my situation. I have supplied all the information after reading all of your stickies in the TRT forum and I would greatly appreciate any help you may have to offer after reviewing my labs.

I am currently on HCG monotherapy and you should be able to pick up a bit of more info upon reading the thread as well as the replies from the member Kaynon.

Thank you in advance or any help you have to offer,


Hey brother, hope all is well!! I need you to look at my labs please. adrenal plus igf-1 is listed :slight_smile: you said i should check these a while back and it has taken some time but they are listed. Tell me what you see please!!

Hello KSMAN,

I posted a semi-long/detailed response with a few things I would like answered by you please. It is in regards to tapering off of arimidex, blood work requests, and planning another shot at restarting my HTPA.


If you have a moment for any comments on my latest labs. I am abandoning my PCT but want to see if anything else looks goofy. Thanks as always

ksman i have updated my lab results that you requested any help would be appreciated