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Hey KSman when you get a chance can you check back over at my thread. New labs and I could really use some additional suggestions before my next endo appt. Mostly your thoughts on novldex, clomid, hcg therapies.


New labs


Hey KSman,

Updated my thread. Lots of questions if you could take a look.

Thank you!

KS…new question here… Started TRT Past December - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation

KSman, thanks for you help so far. You seem to be the only member who has provided me any type of feedback. I’ve updated my thread and would appreciate any other insight.

Could really use your help figuring out a plan of attack for IR, adrenals, & digestion…

Ksman wtf?? Ur not allowed to have a life!! I need some help!!! Lol



Take a look the last post.


Compounded cream with T and progesterone suspended in PLO (Pluronic Lecithin Organogel). Ever heard of anyone not absorbing PLO?

PING!!! Responded to your question


could you please take a look at my most recent lab work…thanks


I have an appointment with my new GP tomorrow. He will write labs for more or less anything I request. Looking at my recent blood work, what else would you like to see get tested? Planning on Estradiol and Thyroid panel for sure. Anything else?


KS man,

I have read through all the stickies and your advice here, and want to say thanks already for all the people you have helped. Your posts have been extremely helpful to me also. If you get time, I would sure be appreciative if you had any advice for my case which I finally posted after doing a lot of research into all this…

Thanks again,

please check out my thread bud. can i have you phone number? lol i need you on speaker phone at the dcotors with me!! :slight_smile:

Can you please look at my latest Thyroid labs?


K mr I need my other questions answered. Just ease my mind already lol

KSMan - i have burning sensation in my throat …possibly from iodine?

please see: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/pro_hormone_damage_low_libido_27_yo_?id=5423323&pageNo=1

KSman, could you take another look at my thread please? I added all the info you requested.


Thanks so much for your help so far! I responded back with all the info you requested except the extra labs I will have to wait for. I would really be interested to hear what you think whenever you have time.


Thanks so much again,

KSman if you could take a look again. I’m really worried.


Thyroid autoimmune tests came back… did I find my smoking gun for my health issues, or do I keep looking elsewhere?