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i posted blood work updates here KSMAN - your input would be great appreciated ! :smiley:

[quote]coulrophobia wrote:
i posted blood work updates here KSMAN - your input would be great appreciated ! :smiley:

please see my follow up response KSMAN! Thank you sir!

updated labs


Hey KS…just a ring to let you know I posted up my temps…looks like I have issues. Have to get labs for the remaining missing tests I mentioned earlier…have never had them. Started TRT Past December - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation

Thanks for all you do on here!

K Sman,

Could you look at my latest test results. Will it take a while before lower E2 results start showing up as higher T numbers?




I have begun my log here.


Thanks So Much for all you have done and are doing!


Can iodine cause heartburn issues? I’ve got some killer heart burn lately and I’m not sure what is causing it anymore. It typically kicks in hard and heavy after some fatty foods (good fats- oils/nuts/pb). I haven’t really tested to see what happens after more carbs and less fats but all I know is I haven’t been able to shake it for a few days. A quick google search shows iodine is related- what’s the fix?

Not heard of this issue before. Probably not common, but that is of little comfort for you. Try stopping for a while and see what happens? Any idea if gall bladder is a possible player?

I wouldn’t even begin to know how to figure that part out. I think the idea behind ADDING iodine causing GERD is that low iodine gets the body to properly produce stomach acid again and perhaps mine just isn’t ready for it. I’m going to try to be more diligent with my enzymes and probiotics and see if that helps. I may need to add in some famotidine to be able to function as it makes it difficult to breath. Will ride out as long as I can

Hello KSman.

I am brand new at an actual TRT program trying to read and learn as much as possible. I am working with an actual TRT clinic / doctor.

I started a thread presenting my situation as best I could.

I do not know how to post a link to take you directly to my post, but my post is HIgh T, High Free T, but Wood Issues. Started April 30, 2013

I wonder based on my current high T levels as of April 26 (less than 1 week on TRT): (1) do my doctors have me on too much T (and HCG) OR (2) do I just need to get control of E2 (down to or near 22) OR (3) a combination of both?

I really could use your expert guidance. I want to do this right, but more importantly I have a lot at stake to get this right.

If one still hasn’t reached sufficient temps throughout the day, would they keep rolling on iodine.? I don’t know if I should look at another source of iodine or at my thermometer for maybe being off but I still float around 98.0 deg and I should be reaching ~750mg of iodine in 3 days. Not sure where to go from there…

KSman, I appreciate what you do and your time.

If you get the chance could you please help me

Thank you

I’m going to sound like a broken record. Can you please check out my gyno pics? I’m going to the doc on Friday and need some guidance on what to ask doc to prescribe, if anything. I updated my thread…

Many thanks KSman!!!


Check this out when you get a chance.


There is an interesting side-effect of anastrozole that might come in handy for your book in the future.

KSMAN, would you kindly take a peek at my latest post in my HRT thread? My latest labs came back with high e2 and I need a hand on calculating proper ai dosage.

46yr old Low Normal T on HRT, My Story - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation?

Hey ksman… i updated my thread a bit:

*to sum up: - finishing my IR and started Clomid “challenge”

KSMAN added some more context, would appreciate your insight. 46yr old Low Normal T on HRT, My Story - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation?

Ksman… Tuna said I should be ok with .75 sub c… I respect that but the should word worries me. Will i be ok will .75 ml suc C? Thanks. Hope you have having a nice weekend!! Beautiful weather here today :slight_smile:

Thank you Sir :slight_smile: