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Hey KSman! I updated the results in my thread – would you take a look? Thanks!

Pretty cool about your old man at 96! He seems to be doing better then most of us here half his age. lol

HCG question

KSman, never saw 98.6 or even above 98.1 all day. Does this indicate a potential iodine issue? Again, I woke up at 97.7.

KSman, I’ve updated my case with latest results of labs you recommended.

Would appreciate your comments.

KSman, could you take a look at my case again? I have a Dr consult coming up on Friday and want to make sure I ask the right things.


Hello KSMna…

I updated my lab ranges and everything… also have a question regarding Clomid in my last post… if you could check it out.



I gave you the info you asked for.

Pellets and E2?

What is a syndrome? It is a observation of related symptoms/conditions.

It seems that we have a syndrome of hypothyroidism and subclincal hypothyroidism. Some of which seems to be related to iodine deficiency [ID]. So are TRT guys really more prone to iodine deficiency? Maybe we are simply asking the right questions here. If the general population is ID, then we can expect to see that in the TRT population.

The combined effects of low T and some degree of functional hypothyroidism is synergisticly bad, 2+2=5. The major hormone systems affect each other, a hypothalamus/pituitary function is not going to work well when one is hypothyroid. Mental function has compound problems from adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, testicular insufficiencies. Libido is a mental function.

I get frustrated by the collective reading disabilities or lack of concentration that requires that I repeatedly ask for the same info over and over. Lack of focus is a symptom.

Ksman, please forgive my lackoffocusitis and check out my latest ID info at



Hopefully last question for awhile. Thanks for all your time.


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Sorry, here is the link… But I believe I have it figured out. Did a little more Dr. Googling and found the answers.

Thanks your Time!

provided an update in:

KSman, reading an old post you said you aspired to write a book on TRT one day. Any update? My guess is you would have lots of customers and may be able to help people outside this forum.

Need a little help please.


I’d really love to have your feedback in my thread

Thank You!

Hey KSman, posted an update in my thread. Would appreciate you looking when you got the time: 19 and Possibly Low T - Testosterone Replacement - Forums - T Nation

Just posted an update. Thanks