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I have not had have my own thread. Try this if I have missed your thread.

I can’t tell if anything is going on in any thread that I should see without looking at all threads. I get spread out thin at times. And my responses can be fast short some times. I can’t always remember the flow of the thread and do not always scan back for context. I do what I can. It is sometimes exhausting working so many case threads.

Doing the above is unfair to the other strong contributors here. I do not know how to follow threads without then dominating.

I try to get guys started, but after a thread racks up a large number of replies, I will let it go on its own. Good application of the 80:20 rule.

So what is on my mind lately? All I can see is thyroid problems. It must look ridiculous. I had read that iodine deficiencies were wide spread, but I never knew it would turn into this. If it were not for my own direct experience, I would probably not be so concerned. This is not a direction that I wanted things to go. Others here were leading the way on thyroid issues, it took me a long time to catch on. I certainly do not have the depth that others have in this subject. When it comes to thyroid diseases and auto immune markers, I do not know ying from yang. If someone will create material on deeper thyroid issues, with links to external sources, I would be glad to see that in the thyroid basics sticky as deeper subject matter.

For those who do not know: I am an old Mechanical Engineer - who started to take an interest in health issues in the 1970’s. I suspected low testosterone for a few years and when I connected with my first and only TRT doc, he said that I knew a more than most doctors. Later he said the same thing much more forcefully. Doc learned a lot from me, his lab rat. And learned a lot as printed words became reality for me.

My dad led the way on nutritional issues and LEF magazine. He is 96, drives every day, buys food and cooks. He is a great cook! He has a social life and a GF. And he will tell you what he thinks he is doing that is keeping him going. He does not take any medications. He saw a doc a few years ago about a problem and became very pissed off at the doc and solved the irregular heart beat with vitamin K. He will bend your ear with organic chemistry.

As an engineer I did a lot of failure analysis and problem solving. So what I do here is partly explained by that.

I was inactive here for a while. I used to get upset telling every new guy to read the stickies and having to explain a lot of things. So now we have the advice for new guys sticky. And getting tired repeating thyroid issues, we have the thyroid basics sticky.

So this is all here on the WWW. Many of you would like to know me to pick my brains. But oddly enough, I do not know a single guy in real life who cares about of the issues that we discuss here. These forums are very selective. I have helped four women in real life.

Doing all of this makes me very clinical. I can walk up to a women I have just met and talk to her about progesterone, breast pain, PMS etc. You learn to set taboos aside. A bit leap for me in terms of that my basic character type used to be.

I will not discuss cases here, but you can direct me to those from here if needed. Anything else is fair game.


Yeah I hear you.

I hope you never get tired of doing this though because you’ve helped many people, but I know its frustrating. Specially when people fail to read the stickies.

I will try to help around a bit, but I’m not as knowledgeable as you.

I wanted to say personally, Thank you for ALL of the information. You have given me confidence in what to, not ask the doctor, but what to say to the doctor. This is such a major problem for so many people, and yet no one knows what to do to treat it properly. With everything I have learned in just the last few days from being on here, I will hopefully be able to revert back to a “normal” life, thanks to the stickies, and your advice.


[quote]FatherOfSix wrote:
You have given me confidence in what to, not ask the doctor, but what to say to the doctor.[/quote]

This. You have been an immense help, KSman. A lot of this stuff is way over my head, but you have a way of explaining ideas concisely, so that even a dunce like me can at least begin to understand it.

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I have read many many threads that you have contributed to, and those that you authored since coming here 18 months ago. I have learned so much, and feel as though I got the tools to help understand what I was going through, and how to approach it (and Doctors).

I sense your frustration at times, but I always admire your willingness to help so many whom are lost, and feeling their way through their own hormonal puzzle. I noted how the board slowed down about three weeks ago when you were away…I actually felt bad for a lot of the new guys posting for help cuz you weren’t around to help them.

Anyway…keep up the great word KSMAN. I, and many others live better lives as result of your efforts.

hey KSman, appreciate all the help you gave me when i started my thread. Have had a few updates since, if you could take a look i would appreciate any feedback. I see my endo on thursday and would like to have a plan outlined for when i see her.

I have summarized my results in one post about half way down the page

Cheers, appreciate it

Hi Ksman, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind looking at my blood work results

LH - 7.1 IU/L 1.7-8.6
FSH - 8.9 IU/L 2.0-12.0
E2 - 89 pmol/L 28-156
Total Testosterone - 38.6 nmol/L 8.0-29.0

I get the free testosterone result later today so I’ll post that up when I get it.

do you think I still need to do the SERM restart we talked about?


Glad you’re back buddy. I understand your fatigue and sometimes we just need a break. Here is an update if you get a moment. Thank you.

See link, do not want ‘case loads’ here.

I too wanted to thank you KSMAN. Initially your input on preparing my HRT protocol and recently your recommendations re: thyroid stuff. Adding high dose iodine to my regimen of supplements and switching back to iodized salt from the pink Himalayan crap has normalized my body temps in 2 weeks. Your willingness to help out has undoubtedly changed many lives.

Thanks for the report on IR restoring your body temperature. How do you perceive changes to energy, mental clarity and mood?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Thanks for the report on IR restoring your body temperature. How do you perceive changes to energy, mental clarity and mood?[/quote]

Mental clarity up, I’d say 50%, of course I’m just a month into injectable HRT, so that could be having an effect. My body temp has normalized by at least a degree. I took my temps for 8 days, and recently stopped b/c I’m no longer colder than my estrogen dominant wife (she just went on HRT too). After I get over the URI I’m nursing I’ll do temps for a few days. When I have enough data I will post It in my thread. Not as moody and am hitting PRs lifting again.

I do need to reiterate I just got my HRT protocol dialed in (feeling pretty damned good, most likely better than as a young man - which points at chronic low-“normal” T), I’m about to do bloodwork in about a week.


I haven’t corresponded with you for quite some time. I did see this and wanted to thank you for the TREMENDOUS help you have given me. I have learned a lot from you and appreciate everything you have done.

Still working with doc to correct low cortisol and low pregnenolone. All other labs are finally good.

Hey KSman,
Can you explain your story behind TRT? Were you diagnosed? Fill us new guys in. Oddly enough I was thinking to myself today about how I do not know anyone that has ANY experience with these types of things whatsoever, and one of my co workers is on TRT. We talked in detail about his situation. I bring that up because of the great resource you are to this forum on this topic. Thanks for your help.

Also when you get a chance i posted labs in my case thread.

I started TRT 6 years ago after reading, self diagnosed and then labs and finding a TRT doc. Doc thought from the get go that I knew more that vastly most doctors, and here I am. I keep learning more and more working with guys here. I went through TRT without hCG and AI at first so I know all of the evils. I had my own iodine deficiency event and recovery. I have found what drugs work for sleeping and improving dopamine. I also do female hormones. I have been on GH for a few months and poorer for the experience :wink:

Are you on a HGH protocol for educational reasons instead of TRT?

When GH is low, the benefits of TRT are diminished. You want healthy old cells or healthy new cells? HGH with low T would be silly.

My GH was low. My liver’s output of IGF-1 to HGH has been very good. I feel better and look younger.

Are you confusing hCG with HGH?

Can you advise me? My Lh and Fsh are conflicting.

KSman could you comment on my blood tests at 18 hrs of injection and then 48 (midpoint) after injection. The total T dropped about 500ng from 18 hrs to 48hrs after injection. I’m injecting 2X week. Sun in the a.m and Wend in the evening. My thread is: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/starting_test_c_subq_after_being_on_adrogel

hey Ksman, had follow up with endo who has diagnosed me with idiopathic secondary, and am starting treatment next week. Not sure if i should though, have a few questions i would appreciate your thoughts on. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/hrt_doctors_australia_perth?pageNo=1#bottom