KSMan is a Tremendous Asset to this Forum

I just want to thank @KSman for all his contributions this this forum. If you look at the list of topics, KSMan has replied to almost every single one. Taking his time to answer over and over the same questions from different guys. I, for one, really appreciate his knowledge and willingness to help.

Thank you brother!


Being new to the forums and all, I couldn’t agree more, just based off all the material KSMan has directed me to. Thanks @KSman

Thanks guys!

It is really hard herding the cats! And the pay sucks. :money_mouth:

Yes, it is repetitive.
There have been other outbursts of gratitude, found one: Tribute to KSMan - #28 by saps

Times have changed. Used to do the who education thing in each thread and often in PMs [rip]. But got burned and started writing stickies that I could point guys too. They used to be visible pinned to the top of the forum, but can’t do that now, too untidy, and I need to post pointers to the stickies for every new guy who shows up. Could this forum be better for me and new guys? -yes

It would be great if some others here could drop the same boiler plate pointers to the stickies so the forum would be more self sustaining. It should not be all about me.

I do drop threads when they get to a certain level where I think that I have done my thing. I can’t follow some the threads that get very long.

If you really want to get depressed, look at what goes on at the Pharma forum. There is this bro-science problem.

The guys in the T-replacement forum are mostly very intelligent and wanting to learn and find something better than “The Doctor Experience”. Reminds me of the TV program “The Girl Friend Experience” where the background story is men paying a lot of money to get fucked.

Would be nice if there was a “tip jar” or something to show we appreciate him!

Very much appreciate your time and efforts helping out other guys!

I have read his information for a long time now and he has helped with multiple people including myself.

So yes thank you!

New to this forum, and created a thread about t3…instantly KSMan comes and help,so awesome when people actually spend time helping other people without really getting anything for it…appreciate it!