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KSman in Hospital

KSman is going to be laid up for a while. Below is the email I received from his wife. I think it would be appreciated if anyone that calls him gives his wife a moment to breath. I just spoke with her and she said he is going in for more work. In her words she said “he’s a pretty sick pup”, so please, don’t bombard her with calls or anything.

This is KSman’s wife - KSman is in the hospital with an obstructed bowel. He is very sick. Can you post something out here to everyone? I don’t know how, but I’m sure his fans would like to know. He’s not expected home for several days. The surgeon who did the job ‘accidentally’ clipped his intestine and bile and bacteria spilled into his body cavity. He’s now fighting an unknown bacterial infection in ICU.

Again, please be respecful and give her some space.



Thoughts and prayers sent.

Damn, that’s not cool at all. Hope he recovers quickly and is fine.

No fun.

Speedy recovery KSman!

Oh, that’s a bit scary - I hope he’s going to be okay. I’ll say a prayer for the good man. Hopefully, they’re not denying him his testosterone, etc.

My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, KSman.

He is pretty sick. When I spoke to his wife, her comment was, “he’s a pretty sick puppy”. It’s bad enough just getting a bacterial infection in the hospital which they are known for, but to have everything run through your body can’t be a good thing.

Like everyone says, let’s keep him in our prayers.


All the best KSman. Hope you get better soon. That sounds like a pretty big screw-up by the Dr.

I don’t like the “unknown bacterial infection” part. That doesn’t sound good at all. At least we know he is pretty healthy otherwise. He doesn’t smoke or drink that I know of and from what I gather he is in pretty good shape.

Hey olderguy,
Thanks for the heads up, prayers sent.

Any Updates?

I’m not a religious person, but I hope that everything turns out for the best for KSman. I hope he gets better.

[quote]Colin Wilson wrote:
Any Updates?[/quote]


His wife has been making regular updates in this thread:

[quote]Hessler wrote:
His wife has been making regular updates in this thread:

Thanks for posting the link. That’s a forum that I never go into for obvious reasons.