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KSman HPTA Restart Protocol

It’s my first post here, however I’ve been a reading lots of posts for years. I’m seeking for experienced advices!

I would like to try to restart my HPTA by using KSman protocol. No Hcg but SERM’s for six weeks at low dose (then taper) with 1-0.5mg anastrozol EOD.

KSman advices to stay low with the SERM to keep LH at normal range (12,5mg ED of tamoxifen). Unfortunately, I only can get doses of 10mg (it’s in caps so I can’t cut it).

Would it be a huge difference to run tamoxifen at 10mg ED instead of 12,5mg? Should I start a week or two at 20mg ED and then stay at 10mg ED for the rest of the protocol?

Thank you for your help, and wish you all success in your recovery attempts!

That may work well. Your in-flight labs will tell you how that is going, LH/FSH, and you can consider a larger dose if need be.