KSman, 1 More Lab Test Result for Thyroid

I was finally able to get All the necessary tests this time and I’m confused

TSH is higher than desired at 2.14 range .34-5.80
T4 is midrange at 6.50 range 4.50-12.50
Ft4 is midrange at .82 range .6-1.77
T3 is low at 64 range 70-180
But Ft3 is just above normal at 3 with range being 2.0 - 4.4

What does this all mean? Thanks

Taking this back to your other thread to maintain a complete story.

I just started a Crestor a month ago but these labs are pretty much the same range for past few yrs. (recently LDL went down to 90 and HDL went up to 48, which has never been that high due to the Crestor).

I also take 200-300mg ubiquinol for about a year or 2 along with PQQ and recently Niagen.

Total and Free Test were low again and estrogen high at 30 once again.

I been taking my temp and morning average is 97.3 and it never gets higher than 98 if that.

Didn’t know there was a test for iodine but I’m willing to do the lodoral protocol again being I felt nothing form it last time, but my TSH really shot up high on it but not much else. Thanks

in your other thread please.