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KS or MO T-Cell?


Are there any any t-men/t-vixens in or near the Kansas City area?


I live in St. Louis. If you would have a get together on a weekend, I would drive out there.


Nobody lives in Kansas.... lol just kidding. I live around the Topeka area.



Cool this is a start! I'm so tired of hucklebucks asking me why I like to do big ugly full body exercises. I'll wait and hope for some more responses. Thanx!


Columbia. Family lives in KC so I'm there once or twice a month, would definitely be interested.


I live in Johnson Co. on the KS side of KC.


Okay let's start with what we got. I tried to PM you guys but maybe it didn't work. Try to private message me with email addy's and I'll start working with everyone's schedules.



Da boxer lives and trains in KC!

Johnson county area as well.
Big city of OLATHE!!!

I'd dig a get together.



al - sweet.

jt - I'm game for a meet one weekend in, say, late September or October, maybe even November. Sorry, but I just started the 1st year of my PhD program and things are farkin hectic for a few weeks, so I can't meet until those times. I got your PM and your email addy.


KC is about 3 hrs for me. I come down every once in a while. I think someone tried to start a KC T-cell before, but few responded and it vanished into the great beyond. Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa could draw a few people.

Hey, let's go to Omaha and kidnap Cy Wilson for our meeting. :wink:


Near Jefferson City here. I could go for ^meat^ing, er, meeting at a restaurant.


My brother lives right outside of Lincoln, NE. Finding Cy shouldn't be a problem. Kidnapping him though, you are on your own there. But hell, maybe he will come willingly and no one will have to get hurt, hehehe.

This is gret guys. Sometime in late Sept. or early Oct. sounds good to start with let's see what everyone else can do and I'll start to suggest a couple of spots. Does the Herford House or Jess & Jim's sound okay? I figured a steak house would be a safe bet for everyone. But if you have any other suggestions that would be great.


never heard of either, but I don't give a shit. I'm not a picky eater at all. If it's food, I'll eat it. Unless it's hummus or some other known nasties.


Some email addresses are coming in. If you have not gotten a PM from me with my address please let me know. This should be way easier once we all start to communicate via email.

Another place we can go to is BD's Mongolian BBQ. We can drink and be loud and unruly if we choose to do so. It's a pretty laid back place, accross from Oak Park Mall. Lot's of good food, pretty cheap prices. Just about everyone should be able to get what they want. WARNING: If I catch you eating Tofu I'll feed you to my two dogs.


I need a place to stay, seriously. I'm not gonna come all the way out there to pay for a hotel. You mofo's better axe a fool.