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Krzysztof Wierzbicki (99kg) to Take Largest Raw Deadlift of All Weight Classes

So IPF classic worlds is coming up soon, and I’m really looking forward to watching Krzysztof Wierzbicki

The highest deadlift in the SHW was 392.5 (Ray Williams), and in the 120 class was 372 (Hifon Smith).

Krzysztof is nominated in the 105kg class, 6 months ago he hit a 400kg deadlift in the gym!

Those big boys need to pull their finger out and work on their deadlift… and I wonder if Krzysztof will hit 410kg or something crazy going to be a fun battle in the 105s.

Also looking forward to watching the next 3 guys chase the total including Bryce Lewis


He pulled 408.5kg in a meet in Poland but couldn’t fully lock it out, looks like he couldn’t get his shoulders back. He was inches away though. Check his facebook page, M&K Wierzbiccy. As far as I know he isn’t even at the top of the 105s yet, maybe he is trying to take Ed Coan’s 901@220 record. Yuri Belkin did it, but with a deadlift bar and 24 hour weigh in.

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Holy shit.