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Krypteia: Why No Shoulder Press?

Ive been running Krypteia since October and it has been fantastic. Im hitting PRs on everything, my deadlift imporved over 120 lbs in a few months. I got two other buddies and we hit the gym early in the morning to get it done. We are all dads/husbands/dudes who work loads of hours a week so the program is suites us quite well.

Here is my question and if Im revealing to much just let me know and I can delete the question.

Do we know why he takes the shoulder press out?

My guess is when the working sets go to 5x10 something has to give to allow recovery, but I wondered why the shoulder press went instead of the bench press. I’ve had shoulder injuries in the past and the press really helps with those and I will add them in at the end of the week just to make those old shoulders feel better but I dont want to change the program.

I’d like to hear all opinions and answers.

Thanks guys and girls.

I’ve been wondering that myself. I haven’t tried krypteia yet. I just started SSL. I want to do krypteia though because much like yourself I’m busy as hell. FWIW, I would just leave the OHP in there if you want to. If you’re anything like me then you will detrain your OHP fast if you omit it. My guess is he omits it because the program is aimed at his high school football players and he has to account for many other areas of their training and sacrifices the OHP for the big three.