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Krypteia Supersets

Hi there - short story, short question.

I just finished the first cycle of the Krypteia-program.
In the book it’s written that now comes the time to push the assistance. You can add some repetitions OR more weight.

In the first cycle, I did always 10 reps per movement, per set (as written…). Now I don’t know if I should go for 12-15 reps with the same weight or stick with 10 reps, but use some more weight.

Anyone who finished the Krypteia who can give some advice and share his/her experience with us?


PS: for the DB-Squats, I almost take the heaviest DB (30kg, max is 35kg). Anyone done the DB-Squats with 2 KBs (KB max is 32kg)? -> KB double front squat.

You can do either, as long as you stay at 10 or more reps each set. Since you are almost maxing out your DBs I would recommend adding reps but like I said it’s really a matter of preference.

Having done it, I would advise to increase the difficulty of the assistance rather than increasing the number of reps. Why? Because you will be doing BBB supplemental work after you 5’s PRO, so the volume is already high. I personally would rather keep the assistance at sets of 10 at higher degrees of difficulty than doing higher reps.

How hard to push the assistance?
My first time through I did sets of 10 with: pull ups +25 lbs, 75 lbs DBs incline presses, 45 lbs DBs SLDL, and 85 lb DB goblet squat. This time I want to go for: +35 lbs on pull ups, 85 lbs on incline press, 55 lbs DB’s on SLDL, and 90 lbs on goblet squat. I am doing a “prep phase” again, because of an ankle injury and also just to build up to it.

@ Assault: Thanks for your input

@ antiquity: Thank you too. The point with the BBB sets is true. I try to do sets of 10 with higher weight. The only movement I will run into trouble is the goblet squat. When I reach the highest weight, I could go for more reps OR I go for double kettlebell front squats. I will try both.
I am now looking forward to the BBB sets. I still don’t know, what weight to take then (I think FSL will be too heavy)

The DL is the only one that I usually scale back on for the BBB sets. For bench, the FSL weight is no issue. For squat, it’s hard as hell but doable. For DL, my grip and overall form can’t do it at the FSL weight. Try a set weight, like 60% (which is the heaviest “warm up” weight) as as starting point.