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Krypteia Suggestion for High School Athletes

Huge fan of the Forever book. I’ve personally really excelled with programs 5 and Dime and Krypteia.

I coach for great young men in a HS football program and this year we have been using Krypteia as our offseason program. Great gains physically and mentally by all of our athletes. We are running into a short-term issue, long-term blessing this summer as our weight room is being re-done. We will use a weight room at another school, but will only have access Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. We have been going M,W,F all winter/spring.

For Krypteia is it better to stay 3 days a week and go DL and Bench days back to back on Monday and Tuesday as you would with the 4-day 1st phase of the program? Or I have seen suggestions of 2-day Krypteia programs. We could do Monday and Thursday. Not sure how this would set up. DL and Incline one week, then Bench and Squat the next?

Monday - squat
Tuesday - bench
Thursday - trap bar

We occasionally run into timing issues - we just keep the schedule and make no excuses. Kids will adapt provided you have indicators and follow the principles.