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Krypteia... Soon?


The suspense is getting to me. When will we be able to buy this? The bits and pieces you touch upon, along with your evolving training programs, make me think this one’s going to be pure gold. I know you’re getting this question a lot but I couldn’t help myself :confused:


It is spelled out on his private forum, which is $4.99/month. I balked at joining for quite a while. I finally did and I feel it is well worth the $4.99. There is a wealth of information on there.


I didn’t know that. Thank you. :+1:


It’ll be in the new book along with a million other programs. Or you can play football for London H.S. and start training with us!


What type of information is on the forum? Thanks.


Templates, training logs, in-depth explanations of the stuff Jim mentions on here, a LOT of knowledgeable people to answer questions, and other stuff.


Krypteia is An awesome program. I subscribed to his forum today and it’s a very simple, yet effective set up. I’ll be running it after finishing up my current leader/anchor cycle


I’ve never seen the size/strength gains like this program has given - granted the ones that do it, they actually eat and prepped for it. But the Krypteia has a prep program built into it. And only fucking morons follow fad diets.

But you have to learn to push the assistance at the right time. We have 160-180lbs kids do all their DB work with 100lbs DB’s. And the volume of it is pretty insane.

And you MUST jump. Only turds think jumping is stupid.


Is the full program on Jims forum or should I wait for the book? Also, how many days a week is this program?


As alluded to above, it’s all spelled out on his private forum. Seriously, it’s as clear as can be. And, as Jim said, his new book will have hundreds of other programs as well.
Oh, it’s 4 days initially, dropping to three days per week.


I signed up for Jim’s private forum yesterday afternoon. There is a wealth of information out there, including the Krypteia program in its entirety. There is a LOT of good stuff out there.


I guess I will wait for the book as I cannot commit to four days a week at this time. I could do three, but it would be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Theres no way in hell you can efficiently run 531 in three days straight.


I didn’t mean I was going to. I couldn’t even fathom even trying.


Oh, gotcha. My bad man. With the amount of idiotic questions people fill Jim’s board with, I jumped the gun on it. Ha


No worries.


For someone who had seen the krypteia program, is it a new program or just a variation of 5/3/1 where you still have a training max and AMRAP sets on various percentages that go up after 3 weeks.


New program of 5/3/1…bit longer than 3 weeks with leader/anchor/phases…looks good on paper and Jim says he has gotten great results from all that have used it(says the football team he trains is loving it and progressing well…with that said i was curious about it too and wanted it in my arsenal so I bucked up and joined his private forum( i had hemmed and hawed about joining before but bit the bullet and joined,its a miniscule amt of money to get some great info and resources)…with that said after this weekend my wife(who is my training partner and 4X Masters World Champ in scottish highland games) will be tackling the Krypteia program on Monday 1/16/17…will have her log up on Jims Site as she prepares for the Masters World championships in 2017 in ICELAND


Its a variation of 5/3/1. Still uses the training max. Still uses supplemental and assistance work. It has multiple phases. Jim just spells out EXACTLY what to do. He doesn’t tell you to chose from 3 categories. He says “DO THIS”.


I did my first session today. I chose to start with deadlifts since it was their turn in the rotation anyway. I went ahead and combined the two assistance lifts between each warm up and work set. Finished within Jim’s parameter but I was gassed. Sweat was pouring down. Soreness is already setting in. Gotta love it.