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Krypteia Redux Questions

Hi all,

Thinking of starting Krypteia Redux as my first 531 program after a couple of months on Phraks GSLP variation. I’ve got Beyond 531 but trying to get my head around the newer 531 recommendations. Trying to get an understanding on he leaders and anchors too.

Limited to 3 day programs and my goals/interests/background are around Calisthenics and BJJ. I train BJJ twice per week.

The program: Krypteia Redux: Training for Size, Strength and Athletic Dominance

I’ve come up with the following plan, modifying some of the accessories :

Main Lift: Squat 5s Pro
Circuit x5:

  • Squat – FSL x 5 reps
  • Dips – 10 reps
  • Trap Bar Row – 10 reps

Main Lift: Bench Press 5s Pro
Circuit x5:

  • Bench Press – FSL x 5 reps
  • DB Lunge – 10 reps
  • Pull-ups – 10 reps

Main Lift: Deadlift 5s Pro
Circuit x5:

  • Deadlift – FSL x 5 reps
  • Overhead press - 10 reps
  • DB Row – 10 reps

I’m a little confused about the programming but thinking of running it similar to the original Krypteia in 531 Forever…

Leader: 5s Pro 5x5 FSL Weeks 1-2
Anchor: 5/3/1 (with AMRAP) 5x5 FSL Week 3
Repeat twice (6 weeks total) then deload

I hope I’ve got the idea of all this right.

Any input, feedback, ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you have 5/3/1 Forever? That will answer most of your questions. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Accessories are generally dependent on the lifter so there’s no issue here with these. Jim states in the article that they use a push and a pull on the lower days and a squat/hinge and a pull on the upper day. You’re in these parameters so you’re good.

I second buying forever if you haven’t already. It’ll help a ton for setting up cycles and such for these things. As far as the leader anchor things go,

This isn’t how they’re planned out. Leaders and anchors are their own cycles. Again, the book will clear up and confusion you may have on how to fully set this up.

I think your set up is fine, but the timing of these lengths is off.

Leader (2 cycles). Weeks 1-6. Each cycle will take 3 weeks. 5’s PRO + FSL.
Deload (or 7th week protocol)
Anchor (1 cycle). Takes three weeks. PR set + FSL.

So, in total, it will take 10 weeks to get through 2 leaders, 1 anchor, and have a deload week during week 7.

This advice around the programming of Leaders and Anchors is so helpful. Thanks so much :pray:

I don’t have 531 Forever. I bought the Beyond e-book for now. I’m in Australia so getting the book delivered is a bit pricey and a bit of a wait. I wanted to give the 531 method a try and if it works for me I’ll purchase Forever for sure.

I’ll try the 10 weeks (2 leaders, 1 anchor, deload, 2 leaders, 1 anchor) explained by @antiquity and go from there.

Would you alter to FSL sets at all during leaders compared to anchors? Should I do more volume during leaders due to the lack of PR sets?

Thanks again.