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Krypteia Redux! Awesome

I’m about to start Jim’s new Krypteia program. Unlike the first one, I think older lifers (I’m almost 56) can benefit from it. I think the key will be not going too heavy on the assistance circuits. Here’s the stuff I like:

  1. go for a PR or don’t.
  2. Use FSL and go for whatever reps you want (3-10). This is gold for us older guys.
  3. Circuits are awesome! You get strength and cardio at the same time. I know I’m sounding like a crossfitter.
  4. You can work mobility and conditioning on the off days and feel fresh.
    There’s absolutely nothing not to like on this program! Jim has created another holy grail program.

Your thoughts.


I’m looking forward to trying the Matt Rhodes version when the gyms open back up. I like how both are set up though.

I want to run this but want to keep OHP. Anyone ever have success with a M,W,F,S schedule? Im beginner/intermediate yet so i want to try to progress on a 7 day week vs 9 day.

What I do is incorporate OHP into my circuit during squat or deadlift day.

I use a training max like normal and then calculate the corresponding weekly percentage of that weight. For example:

Training Max 175
Week One 115
Week Two 125
Week Three 130

Use these weights as part of your circuit after your lower body lift. I like sets of 8-10 for OHP.

If it falls below 5 reps(due to strength, not fatigue from the circuit), reset like normal.

Works for me.

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Oh I like that bro!!!

I’ve done one session so far and it turns out I’m weak and out of shape.

Planning to continue with a modified version to fit the equipment I have available and the main goal of a bigger press.

Where’s the new version of krypteia? On Jim’s website?

Nevermind I found it.