Krypteia Pull-ups/Chin-ups Assistance

Hello everyone. I am going to be starting the Krypteia Phase I soon. I can normally do bodyweight pullups/chinups for 4-5 sets of 7-8 reps. However if I am supersetting the pullups/chinups inbetween squats and deadlifts I can forsee myself only being able to do 5 without exhausting myself.

I want to keep doing pullups and chinups to get better at them. I know that the book suggests incline DB rows for heavier athletes. Can I do the extra sets of pullups at the end of the workout to reach about 50 reps? I would only be hitting 25 reps of pullups during the supersets.

Thank you all.

I would say yes, finish up the 50 pull ups by doing whatever’s left at the end of the workout. I would still try to finish the entire workout in 45 minutes or less, as advised in the book.

You may find that your performance won’t suffer as much as you think. If I super set pullups with other work I can do higher reps than just trying to do straight sets.

Why don’t you do the pullups with flexible bands? Maybe you can do 10 then!

Get those that you can’t get with negatives. Overload is the way to go.

I’m betting it’s time to challenge yourself then.

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Should I be pushing the pull up assistance sets to near failure? And adding reps from week to week?