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Krypteia Phase 3


Before I ask my question I want to pass along my compliments, I have been doing Krypteia since I got the newest book and I LOVE IT!!! Fantastic and fun program. I am getting close to wrapping up phase 3 and I really enjoy going for PR’s, with that in mind the program recommends going back to phase 2 upon completion. Would it be a bad idea to progress with phase 3 for a few cycles? If yes, I will gladly switch back, but 3 has been my favorite part so far.

Once again great book.


The PR phase is not something you want to sustain with BBB and the level of volume in that program. Either go back to part 2, or do a few cycles of OG 5/3/1 or similar where you can hit PRs every workout with a different setup.


I don’t think doing doing multiple anchor phases is the way to go here. For one thing, that particular program is not meant to maximize your strengths gains (as stated in the book), and for another it’s generally not recommended to stack anchors together.

I’m also doing the same program, but I’m just starting phase 2 so I’m six weeks behind you. Did you check out the Fat loss/Prep program in the new book? It’s very similar to Krypteia but with different and more variety in the accessory lifts that are done in the same manner as Krypteia. Just a thought if you like that style of training.


Those are great points, thanks for the advice. I checked the fat loss, while good looking I think Kryptiea is a bit more interesting. One phase 3 and back to 2 it is.


This is because it’s part of a program - the Leader is responsible for the success of the